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Sean Caruso, SAT immersion, © 2019

© Image Sean Caruso, SAT immersion, 2019

As part of the SAT’s 2019 research and creation program


The SAT invites creators to submit an immersive film project in Fulldome format. Submitted works must be unpublished and must never have been presented elsewhere in any way.

Selected projects will aim to create immersive works that can be presented in the Satosphère. The current call’s targeted creation period is from spring 2019 to spring 2020, for presentations as part of the 2019 / 2020 season (schedule subject to change without notice).

The current call is open to artists in technological arts who have completed training in immersive creation at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), or equivalent experience, and have already produced one or several immersive works in 360° Fulldome format, for domes like that of the Satosphère. The candidate must also provide a portfolio demonstrating their ability to complete their immersive film project.

  • Categories: Narrative or non-narrative fiction, experimental film, children’s film
  • Maximum length : 45 minutes
  • Minimum length : 30 minutes
  • Format of the final work in Fulldome 4K (4096x 4096 à 60FPS) 360° horizontal x 210° vertical.
  • Writing a synopsis and/or storyboard describing your film.
  • Providing a portfolio that includes works in Fulldome format in order to validate your abilities to complete your own production for domes, and to demonstrate your originality.

IMPORTANT – Selected projects will be eligible for a research and creation residency including access to specialized equipment and expertise for the project’s creation, as well as a contribution of up to C$10,000 in production funding from the SAT, as a co-producer of the work.**

**This amount will be validated following one or several meetings with the immersion team;
***For more information on the formats, please contact at RÉSIDENCES


If your project is selected, you consent automatically to the descriptions, biographies, images, videos, and audio files submitted being used by the SAT for promotional purposes on various platforms (website, Facebook pages, etc.), indefinitely.


  • The 360° videos submitted to illustrate your abilities to produce for a dome must be in Fulldome format for the Satosphère (2048 x 2048 pixels - 360° horizontal x 210° vertical -, Codec DXV3 à 30 fps);
  • LOther videos can be in Full HD format 16:9 1920 x 1080, Apple Pro Res 422 or H264 or Pjpeg;
  • For the audio you can attach a downloadable SoundCloud link or an audio file (WAV 44.1 kHz / 16-bit or 5.1 - fichier split mono)..
  • DXV3 codec
  • ***For more information on the formats, please contact at RÉSIDENCES


  • High-resolution images, .PNG or .JPEG
  • A clip of the film in Full HD format, 1920x1080, 30fps format, with a maximum length of 30 seconds
  • Send your files by an online file transfer service and specify links.


Selected projects will aim to create immersive works that can be presented in the Satosphère. The current call’s targeted creation period is from spring 2019 to spring 2020, to present the works as part of the 2019 / 2020 season (schedule subject to change without notice).


The SAT holds the right to put an end to the creation or presentation of a project following its selection, at any point during its production, and to refuse the presentation of a project deemed incomplete, insufficient, or that does not ethically conform with its policies. Should this occur, the SAT will hold the right to remove it entirely from its programming, at any time and without notice.


DSubmission deadline: Friday, March 22, 2019;

  • Submission analysis and replies to artists: April 2019;
  • Meeting with selected artists and teams: May 2019;
  • Final evaluation of the projects by the SAT: end of May 2019;
  • Production period starts: summer 2019;
  • Presentation of the completed immersive film: 2019 / 2020 season.


1- Innovation : The creative project must demonstrate artistic or technological progress in the field of immersive experience and distinguish itself through its approach to the exploration it offers.

2- Authenticity : The work produced must be original and exempt of clips, samples, or content that is copyrighted or taken from previous work from the artist or other people.

3- Autonomy : The artists must demonstrate autonomy in the principal technical and creative aspects of the project.

*Please note that only the artists that have completed theoretical or practical training, approved by the immersion team, in production of spherical images and spatialized sound are eligible.


The projects selected by the artistic committee will be subject to one or several production meetings with the immersion team. Following these meetings, the SAT will be able to indicate its offer in terms of goods and services and its contribution as a co-producer.

Depending on the type of project, its production budget and available resources, the SAT could contribute up to C$10,000 in co-production funding.

  • Save for exceptions in accordance with a recommendation by the art committee, the SAT does not cover travel expenses or Per diem costs for selected artists and their collaborators;
  • Production fees must be provided in a detailed budget specifying what the artist expects from the SAT and what they plan to invest in their project;
  • The SAT can write a letter of intent to facilitate the search for funding and grants;
  • The SAT offers the support of its communication department for the presentation of the work, audiovisual archiving, and communications related to the project on its social media and website;
  • A creation agreement specifying the modalities of the production and presentation of each selected creation will be written in collaboration with the artist.


Projects created in partnership with public or private organizations are valued. The modalities of this collaboration are specified in the creation agreement or in a specific agreement depending on the type of production. Visibility of partners will be defined in collaboration with the SAT and the artist.


Each application must include:

  • An implementation schedule including the different steps (conception, research and creation, production)*
  • A detailed budget that must present each step of the project and the resources necessary for its creation**
  • The SAT will evaluate your production plan and creative budget.
  • Only the artists with selected projects will be contacted.

Please fill out theform and send the attached documents by email to: (Subject line: Immersive film creation)


Registration form

Do not hesitate to contact at RÉSIDENCES for any questions or by phone at 514-844-2033 ext 214.