09 au 13 Feb 2016
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Elaborated by the French/Japanese duo Nonotak, VERSUS is an immersive AV experience that questions the relationship between 360° image and sound. The viewer finds himself submerged, at the center of an environment that constantly redefines space by breaking distances between projection, audience and screen. The work gives the illusion of a new type of architecture, a world created from distorsions that shatter boundaries, and that brings the idea of infinity….

Presented as part of festival TEMPS D'IMAGES .
A reduced rate is available for all TEMPS D'IMAGES events, on presentation of your VERSUS ticket !

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Tickets : 18$ + service fees
February 9 to 12 - 7pm (+ additional screenings, February 11 and 12 at 8pm)
Duration : 30 minutes


NONOTAK studio is the collaboration between the illustrator Noemi Schipfer and the architect musician Takami Nakamoto. Commissioned by the Architect Bigoni-Mortemard to create a mural in the lobby of a public housing building in Paris, NONOTAK was created in late 2011.

In early 2013, they start to work on light and sound installations, creating an ethereal, immersive and dreamlike environment meant to envelope the viewer, capitalizing on Takami Nakamoto's approach of space & sound, and Noemi Schipfer's experience in kinetic visual. The last 2 years they have been commissioned by many countries all over the world and have been invited by institutions and Galleries.

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