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As part of the SAT’s 2020-2021 research and creation program

The SAT invites creators to submit an immersive project in Fulldome format intended for the Satosphère. Submitted works must be original and must never have been presented elsewhere in any way whatsoever.

The selected projects will be eligible for a research and creative residency including access to specialized equipment and expertise for the project’s creation as well as a production allocation of up to $10,000 CAD by the SAT as a contribution to the production of the work. Specialized human resources can also partake in the production of the work for an additional fee to be included in the production budget if it turns out that the project’s initial creation/production team does not have the time or all the skills required to complete the work.**

This call’s creation period will start in September 2020, to be released as part of the 2020-2021 season.

The team must also submit a joint portfolio demonstrating its ability to carry out the creative project.

This call is open to artists in technological arts, who have completed training in immersive creation at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), or have already produced at least one immersive work for Fulldome or for a multichannel audio system. The candidate must prevent a portfolio demonstrating their ability to complete their project.

**This amount will be confirmed after one or several meetings with the immersion team.

    Types of eligible projects

    All artistic approaches aiming to define or redefine the creation of immersive content are eligible under this call for projects.

    The projects must utilize the devices’ features in part or in whole, i.e.:

  • An original immersive audiovisual experience;
  • A use of augmented scenography;
  • A use of the sound spatialization system;
  • A proposal whose final length will be of 45 minutes or more;
  • Live management of audiovisual and interactive content;
  • The modularity of the physical and virtual stage space.


  • Narrative or non-narrative fiction film;
  • Experimental film;
  • Audiovisual performance;
  • Multidisciplinary performance;
  • Multichannel audio work;
  • Interactive and/or robotic installation;
  • Work harnessing artificial intelligence (AI).

The SAT reserves the right to put an end to the creation or distribution of a work following its selection, at any stage of its production and to refuse the presentation of a project considered incomplete, insufficient, or that does not ethically comply with its policies. In such a case, the SAT may withdraw it entirely from its programming, at any time and without notice.


    Deadline for the call for projects: Friday, November 15th, 2019 at 5 PM;

  • Analysis of the files and replies to artists: January 2020;
  • Meeting with the selected artists and teams: Winter 2020;
  • Final evaluation of projects by the SAT: Spring 2020;
  • Beginning of the creative residency period: Fall 2020;
  • Presentation of the immersive work: 2020-2021 season.

    1- Innovation : The creative project must demonstrate artistic or technological progress in the field of immersive experience and distinguish itself through its approach to the exploration it offers.

    2- Authenticity : The work produced must be original and exempt of clips, samples, or content that is copyrighted or taken from previous work from the artist or other people.

    3- Autonomy : The artists must demonstrate autonomy in the principal technical and creative aspects of the project.

    *Please note that only the artists that have completed theoretical or practical training, approved by the immersion team, in production of spherical images and spatialized sound are eligible.


    The SAT will specify its offer in terms of support in goods and services and its co-production contribution after a budgetary evaluation of projects that have generated interest during one or several production meetings with the immersion team.

  • Save for exceptions and in accordance with a recommendation from the artistic committee, the SAT does not cover travel or per diem costs for selected artists and their collaborators;
  • Production costs must be provided in a detailed budget specifying what the artist expects from the SAT and what they plan to invest in their project;
  • The SAT may write a letter of intent to facilitate the search for funding or grants;
  • The SAT offers the support of its communication department for the broadcasting audiovisual archiving and communications related to the project across its networks and on its website;
  • A creation agreement specifying the production and distribution methods for each selected creation is drafted in collaboration with the artist.

    Projects completed in collaboration with public or private organisations are valued. The terms and conditions of this collaboration are specified in the creation agreement or in a specific agreement based on the type of production. Partner visibility will be set in collaboration with the SAT and the artist.


    Each request must include:

    • A production schedule including the different stages (design, research and creation, production)*;
    • A budget detailed to the best of your abilities, which must present each step of the project and the resources necessary for its creation**.
    • The SAT will evaluate your production plan and creative budget.
    • Only artists with selected projects will be contacted.

    Complete the form and send your attached documents by email to: [email protected] (Subject line: Immersive work creation).


    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 514-844-2033 #214.