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©   Photo Sébastien Roy - Créature, Vincent Houzé and Dave & Gabe, May 2018

Deadline : December 3th, 2018

This call is open to artists of all disciplines, who have successfully completed a theory and practice-based immersive creation course at the SAT, at a respected fellow organization, or that have already created one or more immersive works for the Satosphere or any other 360° digital dome environment.

Proposals from creative teams will have better chances of retaining the jury's attention if teams demonstrate :

  • Complementary experiences ;
  • Autonomy in the production of similar works ;
  • and a flexibility regarding the creation of the proposed work.

The team must also present a collective portfolio that shows its ability to carry out the creative project.


All creative processes that aim to define or redefine the creation of immersive content are eligible for this call for projects.

The art committee is looking for projects that aim to create an immersive work for the Society for Arts and Technology’s [SAT] Satosphere and that put forward, in part or in whole, the distinctive features of this device, being :

  • An audiovisual immersive and inclusive experience for the audience ;
  • An augmented virtual environment or stage design ;
  • An omnidirectional and tridimensional spatialized sound system ;
  • A real-time management of audiovisual content or of interactive space ;
  • A modular space and spherical screen.

Works exploring singularity and innovation in the context of research lead by the SAT in the last couple of years on immersive experiences will also receive special attention.

  • Use and control of a large number of tridimensional sound sources via Supercollider*, SATIE (a high-density 3D audio scene rendering environment for large multi-channel loudspeaker configurations) ;
  • Use of sensors, cameras, pointers, motion or position capture tools for interactivity, performance management, or realtime editing of 3D immersive scenes ;
  • Use of 360° spherical cameras, ambisonic microphones or other immersive A/V capture processes ;
  • Original use of realtime mapping techniques ;
  • Augmented or Mixed reality ;
  • The haptic, the olfactory, the tactile, the culinary, or the interaction with the other senses.

Projects that add, in a distinctive way, to one or more of the elements that enrich the immersive experience for the audience by highlighting the medium’s distinctive features are also prized. The completed works must be 30 to 40 minutes in length.


The selected projects will be created with the objective of doing a public presentation in the SAT’s Satosphere, 1201 Saint-Laurent Blvd. in Montréal (Québec), Canada. The residency period scheduled for this call is approximately from Spring 2019 to Spring 2020, with presentations of the works as part of the 2019/2020 programming (schedule subject to change without notice).

The SAT will provide artists whose projects have been selected an access to the immersive creation laboratory, as well as to the “Satosphere” device. Furthermore, a detailed budget and production schedule will have to be submitted along the application form.


The SAT keeps the right to put an end to the creation or presentation of a project following its selection, during any step of the process, and to refuse to present a project considered incomplete, insubstantial, or that does not ethically comply with its policies. In this event, the SAT will have the right to remove it completely from its programming, at any moment and without notice.


Deadline for project submission: December 3st, 2018

  • Analysis of submissions and replies to the artists : End of December 2018 ;
  • Meeting with the selected artists and teams : January/February 2019 ;
  • Final evaluation of the projects by the SAT : Spring 2019 ;
  • Production starts : Spring 2019/Winter 2020 ;
  • Presentation of the work : Season 2019/2020.


1- Innovation : The creative project must demonstrate artistic or technologic progress in the field of immersive experience and distinguish itself through its approach and/or the originality of the exploration it offers.

2- Authenticity : The created work must be original and free from excerpts, samples, or content that is copyrighted, or taken from a previous work by the artist or others.

3- Autonomy : The artists must demonstrate autonomy in the main technical and creative aspects of the work. Only artists that have successfully completed a theory and practice-based course, approved by the immersion team, in the creation of immersive visuals and sound, are eligible. For all other creative aspects of the project (interactivity, movement, robotics, performance, stage design, etc.) the artist or team must have the skills needed for the production.


The SAT will evaluate its support in the form of goods and services including a monetary contribution in the form of an artist fee following one or several production meetings with the artist and the immersion team. Depending on the type of project, its production budget and the available resources, the SAT could contribute to an overall financial participation (artist and production fees) of a maximum of C$10,000, according to the project's complexity.

Additionally, each project will have the opportunity of benefitting from other dedicated resources (Satosphère, Labodôme, specialized equipment, technical expertise in immersion) following their availability.

  • Save for exceptions, following a recommandation by the art committee, the SAT does not cover transportation costs (flight or other) nor Per diem (food and housing) for the artist and her or his collaborators;
  • Production fees must be detailed in a budget to be submitted alongside the project proposal ;
  • The SAT can, on demand, provide a letter of intent to support the selected artists in their search for funding for the production ;
  • The SAT offers its support for communication fees related to the presentation of the work, its audiovisual archiving, public artist talks, and communications related to the project on its website and social media ;
  • A Creation agreement specifying all the modalities of the production will be written in collaboration with the artist and the SAT.


Projects created through a coproduction with public or private organizations are encouraged. However, the modalities of the partnership will be specified into the Creation Agreement or in a specific agreement according to the production type. Visibility for the coproducers or partners will be defined in collaboration with the SAT and the artist.


Each submission must include :

  • A production schedule including all steps of the project (conceptualization, research and creation, production) ;
  • A detailed budget. This budget must present and address to the best of the artist’s abilities each step of the production schedule by identifying all the resources needed to achieve the project.

Please fill out the online form and send the annexed documents by email at : [email protected] (Object: Immersive Artwork Creation)

* The SAT will evaluate your global production budget.
** Only the artists of selected projects will be contacted.


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