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Cross exchange program

An integral part of the SAT Residency Department, the Contamine project is a national and international arts exchange program whose aim is to achieve cross-residencies involving multidisciplinary research and creation.

The Contamine experiments rely on tools developed by the SAT Metalab such as Scénic and telepresence software tools for real-time streaming of audiovisual data. This technology package, based on open source philosophy, was created to meet the real needs of all those who want to take advantage of audiovisual, stage related and computer networking systems.

The SAT and the other centres involved in such cross-disciplinary exchange projects, are renowned trans-disciplinary media arts centers. These organisations share the desire to work on today's interdisciplinary projects with both artists and researchers, in order to bring "media" arts and creation to a wider audience through local, national, or international events and festivals.

Contamine projects usually run on a two-year schedule featuring short research and development residencies and public presentations involving artists in the digital arts.

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