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Biliminal + État Six

06 Sep au 05 Oct 2022
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The Society for arts and technology presents

ÉTAT SIX — NAME Studio & David Drouin

Two immersive experiences in the Satosphere

September 6 to October 7 2022
Session: 7pm

Dinner + show package: reduced price tickets

Combine your immersive experience with a meal at the Labo culinaire, located on the same floor as the Satosphère. 2 savoury dishes + 1 dessert to choose from the menu, before or after the show. Contact the restaurant after getting your tickets to confirm your reservation : [email protected] / 514-844-2033 #225 or reserve online


BILIMINAL is an audiovisual work offering an immersive experience through undulating and vaporous atmospheres, in the liminal space between the palpable and the elusive. The audience is immersed in a universe of constant tension, between meditative lullabies and chaotic explosions. The work explores the metamorphosis of sound and visual materials inspired by reality, using algorithmic transformation systems to create new audiovisual landscapes whose various elements, at the limit of the perceptible, evoke an ethereal form of their original state.

Alexandre Pariseau and Francis Drouin

Alexandre Pariseau has been cultivating an affinity for sound as a physical phenomenon and as a means of expression for nearly ten years, while Francis Drouin has been focusing on the creation of generative images for several years. Having both graduated from UQAM with a bachelor's degree in Interactive Media, Alexandre Pariseau and Francis Drouin were able to perfect their knowledge of computer programming, video mapping, various audiovisual design software and new media art.

État Six

What is the purpose of sleep and why do we dream every night? Inspired by Bernard Werber's book Le sixième sommeil, État six offers a journey through the different cycles of sleep. From falling asleep to deep sleep, the work offers an audiovisual reinterpretation of sleep and dreams and approaches a sixth state, still unknown. An immersive audiovisual exploration, via several mediums, from 3D to image capture, through painting, leaving room for free interpretation and collective reflection. État six is a collaborative work that brings together several artists from the NAME collective, including David Drouin for sound, Josué Zabeau and Bruno Vanier for video, Cornelia Rose for the paintings and Maud Lassignardie for the voice-over.

NAME Studio

This digital arts collective, recognized as an non-profit, was founded in 2017 by Mélina Manolias and Mathieu Ramananarivo, both engineers by trade and passionate about performing art. Julien Lassignardie joins the collective as a motion designer and brings the visual universe of 2D and 3D. Then in 2019, Nadim Souaid joins the group as a VJ, electronic engineer and real time generative content enthusiast. The collective approaches different mediums: LED, lasers, moving lights, 2D and 3D visuals; which allowed him to animate many parties of the techno scene in Quebec (Pulsar, Octov, The Ants, Illusion, Dômesicle).

David Drouin

Based in Montreal, David Drouin is a self-taught musician obsessed with electronic sounds and sampling. After working at Native Instruments in Berlin, he decided to dive head first into his art. Since then, he has been working on a number of projects, both solo (Urjuk, JOHN GRDN) and in improvisation groups (Silicon Beats, Krispy Kale), as well as creating for film and the performing arts. Equipped with a 15-year background in technology, interactive design and visual arts, he has multiplied collaborations pushing the envelope of interactions between sound and digital arts, whether by organizing and leading creative workshops or participating in various hackathons as a sound designer.