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Cauchemar Merveilleux

20 Apr au 20 May 2016
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Le Cauchemar merveilleux is originally a collection of poems and stories by Arthur H, who decided to take them to a whole new dimension… The resulting immersive experience presented here in the Satosphère is the outcome of his poetry coming together with Léonore Mercier’s sound composition and Maxence Mercier’s visuals.

Imagine a 360° audiovisual adventure where you explore a multi-sensory world sculpted by sound and light, merged with writing to create a new physical and dreamlike space. Magic, warmth, fear and sensuality are at the centre of this piece elaborated around 17 poems, in which we let ourselves be taken over by imagination’s labyrinth…

« To me, poetry is an infinite supply of unrestricted, fleeting images, a living substance close to dreams, intuition, discovery, ideas. A sort of wild film that keeps all its freedom, all its freshness. Since the beginning of times, we have needed images and stories that expand our reality, a safe and welcoming space where we can consider the future and let possible events, our whole range of desires, happen! » - Arthur H

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April 20 to May 20 - Tuesday to Friday - 7 PM ( +Benefit performance on Tuesday, April 19 )
Tickets (regular fare) : 20,50$ (including web service fees ) - Tickets can be purchased online here (and at the SAT)
Duration : 60 min


Songwriter, singer, performer and writer, Arthur H is a multifaceted artist, an at once mystical, fascinating and unique figure of the French music and arts scene. His diverse influences bring him to paths and a repertoire that set him apart through his use of poetry, humour and a musical style mixing chanson, rock, pop and electronic music.

Having published more than 15 albums, won three Victoire de la Musique awards as well as three Académie Charles Cros awards, Arthur H’s gravelly voice has been taking us from album to album, through the last 25 years, in worlds where groovy and wild melodies meet phantasmagoria, cinematographic poetry, music-hall and melancholy.

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Léonore Mercier

Visual artist, filmmaker and composer Léonore Mercier’s work can take the most various aspects.

Visuals, sound and materials mix, meet, challenge each other and merge in her works. She studies classical piano before getting interested in electroacoustic music and radio art at Bourges’s École nationale des beaux arts. While in residency at Fresnoy, she directs “Via”, a short film and creates “le Damassama”, an interactive sound installation. She creates listening experiences that take the form of tactile and sound sculptures, interactive installations, performances, sensory videos encouraging introspection, and attention to visual and sound phenomena.

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Maxence Mercier

Born in 1982, he follows an eclectic academic path until he discovers electroacoustic composition under Roger Cochini. He then furthers his education by collaborating to the various projects of the IMEB (Centre International de musique electroacoustique de Bourges).

Since 2004, he has dedicated his time to creative projects sitting between digital arts, music and video. His work touches on issues of data transmission through installations, music compositions and images. The plurality of interactions is the source material for his work, which seeks a sensitive and approachable writing style.

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