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02 au 20 Aug 2022
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The Society for Arts and Technology presents


An immersive audiovisual experience exploring liquid light in the Satosphere

Courants d'Espace is the meeting of four modular synthesis enthusiasts, V.ictor, Sleeprunner, Gazebo and Georgi Patchouli, who combine their respective talents to create a performative audiovisual work in the dome. Between the manipulation of monitors, light games, mixing of liquids, and electronic sounds, Courants d'Espace is an organic experience that immerses the public in a living and textured environment, generated in real time and leaving room for spontaneity and chance.

During the performance of Courants d’espace, the public will get to see the 4 artists experimenting liquid lights live while the projection, on the other hand, will be the capture of one of the performances, recorded live.

In the Satosphere
Performance → August 2 to 6, 2022
Projection → August 9 to 20, 2022

Session: 7pm
Duration: 45 minutes


Victor Drouin-Trempe is an artist, researcher and professor in sound creation and philosophy at Cégep du Vieux Montréal. He holds a master's degree in philosophy and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Art Studies and Practices at UQAM. His current research is based on the exploration of the characteristics of what can be called a "living sound". In practice, the work consists in finding ways to elaborate "sound creatures" using algorithmic composition tools, in order to lead to a broader philosophical reflection on the nature of living things. Under the pseudonym V.ictor, he also produces electronic music and is mainly inspired by the microminimal scene. He is also a member of the group SiliconBeats, a collective of artists performing improvised electronic music.


Guillaume Sauvé, also known under the pseudonym Sleeprunner, is an electronic music composer from Montreal. He released a first album entitled Chasing Ghosts in 2016 and a second, Inorganica, in 2018. His music is characterized by a mix of ambient techno, sound textures and IDM. Initially based on sampling, his practice is now focused on modular synthesis. In 2019, the audiovisual project EXPANSYS is born and brings him to perform at the 20th edition of MUTEK festival.


Gabriel R. Drapeau, who performs under the name Gazebo, is the founder of the Montreal electronic instrument store TechnoSynth. He has been involved in both sound and image in the Bas Saint-Laurent region where Le Havre, his interactive exhibition, was hosted. The modular synthesizer is at the heart of his practice. He founded AGUMA in 2020 and recorded the album Spatium which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2022.

Georgi Patchouli

Georges-Étienne Tremblay, who performs under the name Georgi Patchouli, is a mad scientist of liquid mixtures. He creates stunning visuals by combining them with old televisions, liquid light shows and his modular video synthesizer. He is a resident of Montreal.