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DAS MÖRTAL - The Ritual Forest

08 Jul 2021
Espace SAT
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Lisbon Lux Records presents


The Ritual Forest

Das Mörtal invites you to celebrate his latest album, Miami Beach Witches, in the form of an immersive ceremony The Ritual Forest, directed by Nathan Nardin (Charlotte Cardin, Ariane Moffatt).

The production is inspired by mystic themes that are at the heart of the album and transports the audience into a digital and luminous forest. It is inspired by both the universe of Miami Beach Witches, as well as nature’s positioning and distance that is seen between the trees of a hybrid forest. The concert promises to offer a powerful musical experience, where social distancing will be a key element in the scenography.

Das Mörtal began his career in Berlin, inspired by artists such as Steve Moore and Aphex Twin. The producer creates an obscure and nostalgic sound, mixing influences from German techno to horror and science fiction film soundtracks.

The event will also be live-streamed: TICKETS

The venue has been adapted to meet the new health and distancing standards. Wearing a mask is mandatory