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Dômesicle party #3 - MPU

25 Jan 2020
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The Dômesicle electro-immersive parties are back in the Satosphère! This new winter edition combines the best collective electronic music with breathtaking 360 ° projections.

This Saturday January 25, it is MPU's special evening with: Das mörtal, Franz & Diskommander, TiND and MELESUL3.

January 25 2020
Party: 10pm to 3am

In the Satosphère (18 years old and +)
Presale tickets: 8 $ (+ web fees)
In the Quartier des Spectacles




Das mörtal

Das Mörtal began his career in Berlin, inspired by artists such as Steve Moore and Aphex Twin. The producer creates an obscure and nostalgic sound, mixing influences from German techno to horror and science fiction film soundtracks. Das Mörtal will tour Europe in February 2020 and is currently recording his second album for release next fall.


François was born into music thanks to his DJ dad and his thousands of 45s, and got an early start as a DJ assistant. He's known for being one of the founders of MPU, an event that aimed to turn the nightlife experience on it’s head and go off the beaten path. It went on to become one of Montreal's best known and longuest running alternative LGBTQ nights. No matter where he plays, Franz brings cutting-edge electro-pop to the dancefloor and left field gems few other DJs would dare play.


A well-known figure in Montreal's queer nightlife, Guillaume Bell first made his mark as an event photographer immortalizing iconic moments in the city’s alternative nightlife. He then progressively migrated to DJing, integrating his intensity and craziness through his atypical musical selection, his relentless energy and inimitable attitude.


Active since 2001, TIND is a video art group renowned on the Montreal scene for having developed their own techniques for live audiovisual creation. By hijacking common analog audio equipment such as the distortion pedal, TIND creates singular imagery that visually echoes the original sound material. Their live performances are laboratories for real-time experimentation: a perfect mix of controlled improvisations with prepared interventions and mastered errors.


Melesul3 (Jérôme LeBel) adds his visual touch to the Montreal electronic scene. His various inspirations range from retro neon to minimal glitch, and as a VJ, he elaborates his visual atmospheres in symbiosis with the rhythm and energy of the artists he accompanies.