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ECHOLALIA II by Jun Kosaka - Canceled

14 Jan 2020
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18 +

A video installation by Jun Kosaka (JP),
presented during opening hours at the Labo Culinaire Foodlab.
Free admission.

This audiovisual work expresses a world of a fictitious fairy named Echolalia (expressed by vocaloid). In this work, Echolalia is a kind of shamanistic fairy, located between a machine and a human being. She exists only by voice, her body is contained inside her voice. She repeats various speech, and by their reverberation, so that the process of recognizing the outside world is expressed. The blind fairy creates a visual world through events in the auditory world.

From Tuesday to Saturday - 5pm to 10pm
Length: 10 minutes
At the Labo Culinaire Foodlab
1201 St-Laurent Boulevard - 3rd floor - Free entry


1994‒2000: SF Magazine (Hayakawa Publishing), cover images;
2006: Japan Media Art Festival, jurors-recommended work;
2006: Produces four works for permanent exhibition at “Sony Explora Science” (Beijing);
2006: Joins “One for every Household: Diagram of Our Universe” production committee; 2007: Cannes Lions 2007 International Advertising Festival, Cyber Lions Bronze;
2009: Visual works for the “Rondan Jihyou” column in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper;
2011: Participates in group exhibition “Beyond the Naked Eye” at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, who purchase his exhibit “VIT 2.0”;
2014: Joins “Diagram of Our Solar System” production committee;
2015: Joins “Diagram of Light” production committee.