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03 au 28 Mar 2020
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Following the Quebec government's announcement on the cancellation of public events during this period of uncertainty linked to COVID-19, the SAT has decided to postpone performances of Ethereal originally scheduled from March 13 to 28.

New dates will be set and will be communicated to you in the coming days.
Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Ethereal, an immersive installation by Fraction and Starnault

In homage to the perpetual transformation of matter, Ethereal invites us on a multi-scalar and multi-dimensional initiatory journey that puts into perspective the ephemeral and malleable nature of dizzying human constructions on a sidereal scale, echoing the ethereal nature of human dreams.

Dates: From March 3 to 28 2020 - 7 p.m.
In the Satosphère - from Tuesday to Saturday
Length: 30 minutes

Regular rate: 25$ *
Student rate: 20$ *
* (taxes et web fees included)




FRACTION (Eric Raynaud)

Fraction (aka Eric Raynaud) is a French musician, composer and producer of experimental electronic music. After the release of his first EP Superposition on the French label InFiné, Raynaud moved away from traditional music fields to focus on digital arts, working on complex stage designs and hybrid writings that combines visual, sound and physical medias. Fraction has kept on merging 3D immersive sound with contemporary art and architecture together, incorporating his questioning on themes that combine science and contemporary sociology. Experimentations on the spatial, physical and emotional characteristics of sounds are on the epicentre of his atypical work.


Visual artist and space designer, LP Starnault has been creating for more than 15 years creative projects, public installations and digital scenography that transform light into movement, and image into journey. In 2014, he created UrbaMorphic Vol1, a permanent digital art installation embedded in the front of Montreal’s Marc-Favreau library. He also participated in several collective creative projects, such as Irradiance in 2016, an urban mapping that reacts to the environnement; Dream Collider, in 2015, an oneiric immersive installation in which a group interacts collectively; and Entropia, presented in 2015 and still on tour. This experiential project was featured in The Creators Project, DesignBoom and XLR8. A Montreal-based digital artist, LP Starnault has also been directing the SAT [Immersion] department at the Society for Arts and Technology since 2007. He was head of the Satosphère project design and integration team from 2008 to 2011 and now acts as its programming director.


After the iconic Entropia performance, which has toured the world since its first presentation at the SAT, the duo of Fraction & Starnault returns to the Satosphère with Ethereal, an immersive installation in which they deepen this aesthetic form and continue their production of mixed realities.

Imagined as a journey to the heart of a media matter metamorphosis, in osmosis between the tangible and the virtual, this new piece invites the audience to a transcendental experience on the edge of digital surrealism. With their unique approach, the artists play once again with a variety of artistic materials to build an immersive format that challenges the paradigm of immersion.

In Ethereal, Fraction & Starnault bring to life the story of a perpetual transformation on multiple scales and dimensions, echoing the unbelievable moments staged in our own dreams, abandoning our minds at the edge of reason, flirting with the absurd and the magnificent, and sometimes feeding an "ethereal" feeling that haunts us even after we wake up. We humans are therefore aware of the existence of several sensory realities, which inevitably inspire and influence the destiny of our societies, as well as our indelible architectural legacy on the earthly, and soon spatial, landscape. This duality of perception, often explored in the language of immersion, takes on a poetic dimension in Ethereal, which is developed through the use of a physical lighting device, ambisonic spatialization and generative visuals.

With a unique aesthetic and a distinctive writing dynamic, the duo invites the audience to live a nearly psychedelic experience, to let themselves be carried along a continuum that will take them through a narrow passageway towards the promise of immersive sublimation!


Combine your immersive experience with a culinary experience at the Foodlab, located on the same floor as the Satosphere. Entrance + dish to choose before or after the show from the menu.

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