31 Oct au 25 Nov 2017

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Hyperform is an immersive A/V experience, exploring the role of spatial dimensionality to construct our reality, and its potential to create strange new realities as higher dimensional forms and spaces unravel around us. Hyperform sits at the edge between mathematics, science, visual and audio arts.

The journey begins with the simplest spatial forms in both audio and visual format, and progresses towards a realm of beautiful immersive abstraction using real mathematical models of hyperdimensional forms, which are believed to exist beyond our normal perceptual capacity.

Octobre 31 to Novembre 25 - Tuesday to Saturday - 8pm
Regular : 19.75$ ( Including web fees ) - Buy your ticket (and directly at the SAT)
Length : 35 minutes



Max Cooper has experimented as often with the dance floor as he has with abstract multimedia projects over the past two decades, blending innovative musicality with a scientific and technological curiosity linked to his PhD in computational biology.

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As Maotik, Mathieu Le Sourd designs his own visual tools to generate animations from algorithms, creating 3D worlds abstract enough for deep daydreaming and free interpretation.

Among his large-scale multimedia projects are Moment Factory's immersive installations in the new L.A. airport terminal, his sensory poetic study of speed in Dromos, the playful Flow built on the science of sea levels and moon-affected tides and his latest, Aeryon, an artistic interpretation of surveillance drone vision.

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