Le vertige des autres

25 Aug au 28 Oct 2016
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18 +

Le vertige des autres is a VR installation in which a scenographic pathway unfolds, recalling the visual artist’s role as an observer. The experience is centred around artworks by Jeannette Perreault, portraits that were drawn in public. Those are « the others ». The project stems from research on the effects of presence that are possible in virtual environments in which you can physically move. Its interactive figures offer a relationship with the space that creates an exceptional immersive feeling.

*This project was supported by the SAT’s artwork creation program.

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Free entrance - 3rd Flor
August 25 to October 28, Monday to Friday - 6pm t 10pm


Guillaume Perreault Roy

Guillaume Perreault Roy is a digital artist working with perceptual technologies. As a game designer, his approach to interactive media and virtual worlds contains multiples orientations. He spent the last years on research and development in augmented and virtual reality.

Le vertige des autres is the result of this process; an immersive experience provoking an exceptional sense of presence.

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