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Liquid Architecture

31 Oct au 25 Nov 2017

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An audio-visual collaboration between Wiklow, Diagraf and Ewerx, Liquid Architecture approaches generative composition in an immersive environment. Combining LIDAR data and creative modeling, real-world buildings and structures and imaginary landscapes are displaced and reconstructed point-by-point in a 3D immersive projection environment.

Ancient churches, waterfalls and forest environments melt into one another, combining to create impossible structures. As each scene builds and dissolves, a transformation of energy takes place, contrasting the ideas and beliefs they represent. The creators generate content from their individual machines. Data is sent back and forth, communicating spatial, rhythmic, colour and various signal information...

Octobre 31 to Novembre 31 - Tuesday to Saturday - 7pm
Regular : 19.75$ ( Including web fees ) - Buy your ticket 
Lenght : 40 minutes



Patrick Trudeau (Diagraf) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Montreal, Quebec. While mostly recognized as a digital visual artist, he is also a VJ, DJ, composer, and filmmaker. His work in those fields features a forward thinking minimalist aesthetic combined with a science fiction sensibility, exploring notions of futurism, metaphysics, existentialism and humanism.

His current trajectory is leading him increasingly towards generative performances, immersive audiovisual works, and virtual/augmented reality projects.

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Ehsan Rezaie (Ewerx) is a programmer / artist / designer that specializes in creating visual and interactive experiences using technology and code.

His works include real-time simulations, data visualization, interactive installations, mobile applications and live performance.

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Michael Dean (b. 1989) is a composer, technologist and digital artist based in Montréal. Under the pesudonym ‘Wiklow’, he creates “a world of familiar digital sounds given organic autonomy” [MUTEK 2015]. Either solo or in collaboration, Dean brings together concepts from sound art, techno and contemporary art music.

Dean’s work has been featured throughout Canada and abroad. He holds a BSc in Music and Computer Science and an MA in Music Technology from the University of Limeric.

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