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Nuit iX

01 Jun 2019
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The iX Night will let you experience what an immersive party is like! Hosted in the futuristic setting of the Satosphère, Nuit iX will be the festive conclusion to the Symposium iX 2019 • Aires de jeux 360 Playgrounds as well as MTL connecte : La Semaine numérique | Montreal Digital Week


Born from the will to offer a unique live experience, ALEA(s) delivers electric improvised performances mixing drawing, video animation and electronic music.
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RYAN Playground

An elegant balance of electronic and organic elements, RYAN Playground is an amalgamation, and finds Genevieve at peace with all competing emotional elements in her life.
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Boston's Lis Dalton and Montreal's DJ Frog pull inspiration from every corner of dance music and serve up deep sexy sets that get crowds moving.
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