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SAT Fest 2019 6th edition

08 Jan au 22 Feb 2019
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The sixth edition of SAT Fest 2019 will take place from January 8 to February 8, 2019, in the Satosphère with a selection of 6 short films by artists from Japan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Included in the program: a voyage through the layers of consciousness, a sensitive and choreographed escape in breathtaking landscapes of India and Wales, an ode to the beginning of 3D computer graphics, and wild dives into biology and mathematics!

January 8 to FeTuesday to friday - 19hbruary 8 2019 - Tuesday to friday - 19h
additionnal dates from February 12 to 22 - Tuesday to friday - 19h

Satosphere (13 year-olds and more)
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Double program package (FEBRUARY 5 TO 8)

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This ticket includes the performances of "SAT Fest 2019" at 7PM and "Human Instrument" at 8:30PM (15% discount)


Combine your immersive experience with a culinary experience at the Foodlab, located on the same floor as the Satosphere.
Entrance + dish to choose before or after the show from the following menu.



Dominic Brodeur-Gendron (CA)
Guillaume Raymond (CA)
Gabriel Jacques (CA)

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  • Duration : 4min30
  • Programmation : Dominic Brodeur-Gendron (CA)
  • Audio : Guillaume Raymond (CA)
  • Render : Gabriel Jacques (CA)

Synopsis :

Beneath transports the audience into a world where mathematics transgress reality. This project seeks to ignite the imagination with its captivating music and its study of algorithmic abstraction. The correspondence between the romanticism of nature and the hermeticism of isolation are explored with contemplative intention.

Biographies :

While completing a Bachelor of Computer Science, Dominic Brodeur-Gendron decides to throw himself into geometric programming by exploring the beauties of mathematics.

Gabriel Jacques is a technical artist who graduated from NAD. He is passionate about visual effects and game design. He cultivates his passion for video game creation by making numerous game jams.

Guillaume Raymond is a composer and sound designer who graduated from UdeM with a degree in digital music evolved in the video game field. He now focuses on his solo electronic music project.


Fusako Baba (JP)

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Hidden Garden – Version "Saiho"

  • Duration : 7 min
  • Director : Fusako Baba (JP)

Synopsis :

Everyone has, but nobody notices a hidden garden in the depth within consciousness. It is a memory of genes inherited. It is a lake of consciousness. Between reality and unreality, it is drifting in the eternally flowing time.

Biography :

Fusako Baba create mainly fulldome films. In 2015, "The Flower of Afterimage" was awarded in Jena Fulldome Festival Germany. It became the official selection of SAT Fest 2017 also It was selected and projected at ICMC, Netherlands. - 2016 : "Landscape Montage Technique"(Audiovisual) collaborated with a musician "Asako.Miyaki" is selected at NY JESSA Music Festival. - 2017 "Si-Ki" is permanently screening on the ceiling of Museum of Otaru Art Base at Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch. - In 2018 Hidden Garden was screened NoMaps VR Dome selection.


Janire Najera (ES)
Matt Wright (UK)
Kim Noble (UK)

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  • Duration : 9 min
  • Producer : Janire Najera (ES)
  • Director : Matt Wright (UK)
  • Choregrapher : Kim Noble (UK)

Synopsis :

Liminality (short film version) is a work that fuses contemporary dance, music, and 360° film production, in a collision of cultures and technology. The dancers move from industrial landscapes to remote coastal areas of Wales and India, highlighting the similarities that the two countries share, as well as the transformation of their relationship. The cultural legacy of colonialism in India metamorphoses to enter a new phase.

Biographies :

Janire Najera studied Journalism in Madrid and Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, UK. Her work has been featured on CNN News, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Vanity Fair. Janire is the co-director of 4Pi Productions, an experiential art, marketing and events agency providing creative solutions utilising 360° content. Since 2010 Janire has been exploring the mediums of fulldome and VR, producing work for commercial clients and the Dance Dome platform. With a background in arts management and curation, Janire has a track record of coordinating large-scale projects internationally that combine art and technology.

Matt Wright is a practicing visual artist with over ten years experience exploring the creative potential of the 360° format. Since graduating in Photographic Art he has undertaken creative commissions and exhibited his work internationally. Matt is the Director of the interactive multimedia company 4Pi Productions and has a long track record delivering innovative artistic projects and platforms both across Wales and internationally (‘Ghosts in Armour’, ‘Relics’, ‘The Dance Dome’ and more recently ‘CULTVR’). He is passionate about using technology to engage audiences through shared experiences and intrigued by spaces in transition; reevaluating and re-interpreting these environments forms a central aspect of his work.

Kim Noble trained at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and began her career as a dancer in the South West for companies including Dance South West (with choreographers Fleur Darkin, Tom Sapsford and Mark Bruce), Curious Company, Swerve Dance Theatre, Velcro Dance and International Dance Festival Birmingham (with choreographer Paul Gazzola of Lone Twin). She moved to Cardiff to work with choreographer Sean Tuan John and for the past four years has been a performer and teacher for his company ‘Bombastic’, making dance theatre and new media for young people. She has also worked for other welsh artists such as Tanja Raman, JoonDance, Alex Marshall Parsons, Eleanor Brown and Welsh Independent Dance. Kim has also co-created 'Kitsch & Sync'; curiously quirky dance theatre and performance company, choreographing and performing vintage and retro themed indoor and outdoor performances.


Vigas (BR)

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  • Duration : 4min25
  • Director : Vigas (BR)

Synopsis :

Monera is a journey through the invisible universe that surrounds and inhabits us, the infinite reactions and proliferation that take place in the living matters in that exact moment. The work is an imaginary look at the sounds and images present in the microbiomes that are part of our existence. A delirious dive into organic shapes and ambient soundscapes.

Biography :

Vigas is a Brazilian multimedia artist with works that travel between large-scale projections, lighting installations, sound production, 360º projections and live performance, his projects in public art are highlighted by organic aesthetics working the immersion of the viewer as a starting point to take it to unique experiences. In his curriculum of festivals such as Amsterdam Light Festival - Amsterdam (Netherlands), SP Urban Digital Festival - São Paulo (Brazil), Circle of Light Moscow (Russia), Athens Digital Art Festival - Athens (Greece), Sónar Festival Barcelona (Spain) and MUTEK – Buenos Aires (Argentina).


Studio Otaika (BU)

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Motifs Numériques

  • Durée : 4min17
  • Director : Studio Otaika (BU)

Synopsis :

A deep dive into the fabulous world of digital patterns, where distorted corps are covered by colors and textures.

Biography :

Studio Otaika is initialized in 2018 by artistic duo Anna Bacheva and Stefan Hristov, both born in Sofia and currently living in Paris. Their previous experience in visual and sonic art lead them to the field of multimedia performances, digital aesthetics and audiovisual researches.


Sean Caruso (CA)
Mourad Bncr (CA)

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  • Duration : 4min
  • Director : Sean Caruso (CA)
  • Audio : Mourad Bncr (CA)

Synopsis :

An ode to the earliest of 3D computer graphics, Primitive navigates a landscape littered with the relics of early computi.

Biographies :

Constantly challenging cinematic and technical workflows, Sean Caruso focuses mainly on narration through immersive imagery while exploiting the potential of the dome to its fullest.

A sound designer for almost 15 years, Mourad Bncr specializes in immersive environments and interactive content. Known as Famelik on the Montreal electronic scene, he’s also written original compositions for several film soundtracks, such as Pierre Friquet’s immersive horror film Patterns (Best immersive work - FNC eXPlore 2016).

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