SUBSTRAT #7 - VANDAL & FROID | Société des arts technologiques


09 Nov 2019
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Substrat invites you to dive into the creative worlds of Montreal-based sound artists. Through a series of performances under the Satosphere’s 157-speaker dome, Substrat offers an exclusive and spatialized listening experience, between music and sound art.

For this 7th edition, Substrat welcomes the works of Vandal and Froid with musical styles such as bio hacking, experimental and industrial.

Presented in collaboration with the Quartier des spectacles.



Saturday November 9th - 21h
Presale ticket: 10.00$ / ticket at the door: 15,00$
Length: 60 minutes

Other Substrat nights to come: Saturdays September 28th and October 19th

The artists

Philippe Vandal

Philippe Vandal is a Montreal-based instrumentalist and producer concerned with the creation of structures and landscapes in a sonic medium. He has released work with notable experimental labels Jeunesse Cosmique, Phinery, Never Anything and Archive Officielle, among others. His most recent serving of sonic architecture is accompanied with visual interpretations of the compositions, rendered in 3D digital interfaces. The forms and structures of each track are mimicked in their static statuesque nature, brought to life by the characterization and time-based movement of the sound. Each calls to the listener’s mind a glistening dreamy landscape where form is vague and not quite as it seems.


Death and rebirth are core themes of this new Montreal based project. Froid takes us on a journey through desolate landscapes and, as the name suggests, into a world devoid of warmth yet dappled with its own type of light. Parenthesis or mandatory withdrawal, L’Adjective brings the listener to places where one is often reluctant to go. Apprehending feelings of sorrow and emptiness head-on, the piece also proves serene and aerial at times and and resolves with a sense of openness. Froid is a reminder that those dark places are part of us, and that we should embrace them for that very reason. Let us die, and be reborn. As many times as the flowers blossom.