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Territories of the Americas

10 au 20 May 2022
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Hubblo and SAT present

Territories of the Americas

An immersive film about multidisciplinary artist René Derouin

Territories of the Americas, like a travel diary, journeys through the works of René Derouin and the lands he has explored. Experienced in an immersive dome, this 360 film revolves around the artist’s identity quest that spanned his 60-year career. The film’s storyline links the creations of this multidisciplinary artist to the key areas of his migrations: from Quebec to Mexico, reaching Japan and the United States, passing through Canada’s Far North, then returning to his homeland. This virtual journey traces a fragmented portrait of Derouin, revealing the depth of his interior landscape. As an art and experimental film, Territories of the Americas is an immersive artistic experience that delves into the heart of Derouin’s work.

Presented in collaboration with RIDM & Hubblo

In the Satosphere
From May 10 to 20, 2022
Tuesday to Friday
Show: 5PM


In 1936, Derouin was born in Montreal’s Longue-Pointe neighbourhood, along the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. From very early on, he questioned his identity. His vast modular engravings trace a map of North America. It was among the Inuit that he rediscovered the art of the Mexican indigenous peoples, reconciling the Americas in his heart. He persists in his unique approach that is both culturally blended and baroque, expressing himself through his multidisciplinary art: engraving, drawing, sculpture and installations.


Patrick Bossé has a bachelor’s in communications from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and a master’s in film studies from Concordia University. He has since experimented with 360 filming. Patrick has also collaborated with Figure 55 Productions for many years, sharing his penchant for exploring and innovating with the studio’s producer Pascal Pelletier.


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