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Biennale of Montreal

The Biennale of Montreal presents a new music and performances chapter

La Biennale de Montréal, which will be held from May 10th to July 8th will be featuring musical performances on Saturday May 12th, 8 pm at the Society for Arts and Technology, bringing together independent rock and electro bands.

Les Georges Leningrad and Pil & Gallia Kollectiv will explore the aesthetics of politics in everyday life and the assimilation of high modernism in popular culture through an asparagus ballet. The majority of Pil & Gallia's work is based on collage-animation and was influenced by Russian constructivism, the onset of European cinema and children’s comics of the 1980s.

We also welcome Peaches, a phenomenon in its own right, leader of the electro punk movement, master of raw, minimal sound, from the electronic hick to the catchy rhythm. Lesbians on Ecstasy will present its Amphiteatre of Homosexuality project, whose inspiration stems from folk artists and punk bands while rewriting lesbian history on the dance floor. Paper Rad, a collective that designs comic strips, video art and Net-art, installations and performances will also be on hand.

Finally, of note is the participation of Canadian rock signer Carole Pope, whose blend of hard edged New Wave Rock and homoerotic lyrics have made her the foremost overtly lesbian pop star in the world. DJ Prions en église will host the night and djs Lynne T (of Lezzies on X) and Why Alex, Why? will close the event on the dancefloor.

Performances and Music
Les Georges Leningrad Canada - Quebec, Montréal + Pil & Galia Kollectiv United-Kingdom- London
Lesbians on Ecstasy Canada - Quebec, Montréal
Carole Pope Canada - Ontario, Toronto
Peaches Canada - Ontario, Toronto
Paper Rad USA - Pittsburgh, PA / Northampton, MA

Saturday, May 12
Tickets : $25 at the door - presale is over
9:00 p.m.