Carapace + Quantum & Nimbes

15 Jan au 20 Feb 2015
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- Additional projections until February 20 -


A new programme of immersive shorts to kick off the New Year in the Satosphere !
Featuring Carapace, an allegory of imaginary biotechnological future and its evolution (by Mary Franck and Kadet Kuhne), followed by Quantum & Nimbes, a diptych inspired by physics theories exploring architectural and dystopian worlds (by 1024 Architecture, Joanie Lemercier et James Ginzburg).

The works were created as part of ix Symposium.


Tuesday to friday - 7 pm - Additional projections until February 20
Double feature : 20$ (tax included)
CARAPACE or QUANTUM & NIMBES individually : 12$ (tax included)
Duration of full programme : 75 mins

Tickets available online, at the SAT (from 5 PM each day of screening) and at La Vitrine.


An immersive audiovisual performance about the fashioning of the self expressed as ornate, unfolding architectural spaces. The ego is that with which we give ourselves form, a construct by which we ornament and protect ourselves and the shapeless, excruciating nakedness of raw being. An intimate space, encasing soft strangness and formed over a lifetime, a shell is architectural yet individual. Over the course of the performance these elegant, articulated spaces inspired by shells and exoskeletons will grow and take form, dance, and ultimately dissolve into nothingness.

Artists : Mary Franck (US) et Kadet Kuhne (US)
Duration : 30 min

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1024 architecture will present Quantum, an immersive installation designed specifically for the Satosphere as a numerical singularity provoked by the clash of quark-pixels, the elementary particles also constituting imaginary components of major theories in the fields of physics and the cosmos.

Followed by Nimbes by Joanie Lemercier and James Ginzburg, no stranger to immersive setups and architectural projection, will then introduce the spectators to Nimbes : a dystopian universe where a menacing nature and austere monochrome landscapes serve as a backdrop to a battle between light and darkness.

Artists : 1024 Architecture (FR), Joanie Lemercier (FR) et James Ginzburg (UK)

Duration : 30 min