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Dômesicle Fall 2023



Thursday, August 31

Efdemin • DJ Frog • Lis Dalton


Friday, September 8

Juju le moko • Lexis • Foxtrott

Presented by Music Is My Sanctuary

Saturday, September 9

The Lyonz (Live) • G L O W Z I • Guthrie • Alina

Presented by Ferias Collective


Friday, September 15

Rubi • Gene Tellem • Maurice Jones


Saturday, September 16

Sard • Esme • Bowly OJPB


Friday, September 22

Adam 2 • My Flower • Z-NEX • susy.technology

Presented by Missed Connections


Saturday, September 23

D. Blavatsky • 1111hz • Neo Edo • Dj Pacifier

Presented by VOID


Friday, September 29

SPF 50 • Data Plan • Liv K

Presented by Shift Radio


Saturday, September 30

DJ Spirit • Leef b2b JP Metis • UXO (Max Mira b2b CABEZAS)

Presented by Inner Circle


Meet the artists

Efdemin is a pillar of techno, day and night. A Berliner of choice, he is resident at the Berghain and founded the naïf label.
A leading figure on the Montreal underground scene, Lis Dalton is a DJ known for her flamboyant, energetic sets. From torrid, rave-worthy sounds to groovy bombs, Lis' selections are expert experiments in sonic combustion.
Founded in Montreal in 2018, Isotone is made up of Bar Rubinstein, Lilian Guiran, Hugo Fournier and Félix Bonjour. From visual creation to musical composition, from programming to painting, they always put technique at the service of the sensitive; a digital art in search of poetry.
Juju Le Moko's mixes offer an eclectic blend of electronic rave sounds and Afro-Caribbean grooves, combined with the cadences of the 808.
Lexis is the founder of the Music Is My Sanctuary collective, the 24 Hours of Vinyl event series and hosts a monthly show on Kiosk Radio. He is renowned for his musical eclecticism and his ability to take listeners on a journey during the course of a set.
FOXTROTT is the project of MH Delorme, who has been producing genre-defying music since 2013. Her musical universe, both accessible and deeply insular, enjoys great support from radio stations / DJs around the world. In recent years, she has also developed as a film composer, scoring several feature films.
G L O W Z I is an interdisciplinary artist based in Tiohtiá:ke. Using their curiosity as a device to understand and (re)discover the multiple worlds they engage with, the artist's preferred mediums encompass plural art forms such as painting, graphic design, filmmaking, photography and the production of original music.
THe LYONZ is a Montreal-based duo made up of Anthony Salvo and Terrell McLeod Richardson. Their musical style is a blend of genres from which the duo draws inspiration. Atmospheric synths meet retro hip-hop grooves, and the whole thing never fails to make you dance.
Over the past few years, Rubi has made her mark on the electronic music scene with a singularly recognizable sound. She has developed a style by bringing together musical influences from around the world, a habit that fuels her sets as she crosses styles and genres to offer a voyage of musical discovery.
Maurice developed his elegance and groove as a DJ in Tokyo, where he was music programmer at MUTEK Japan from 2015 to 2022. His sets deftly blend "old school" house with a touch of dub techno and deep house, while incorporating electro and acid elements. He has played in renowned Tokyo clubs such as WOMB, Air, Sankey's, UNIT/Saloon, Circus and Mitsuki. Currently in Montreal for his PhD at Concordia University, Maurice stays connected to the Japanese scene via his quarterly residency on n10.as radio.
On stage as a DJ or in the studio, Gene Tellem communicates her interpretation of house and techno with style and playfulness. Her productions draw on the imagination and energy associated with electronic music events. She released her first creation, "Who Says No", in 2017 on Montreal's SOBO label, followed by two more on London's Wolf Music label. In 2019, Gene Tellem launched her own label, Bienvenue Recordings, propelling her among the influential female producers on the international house scene.
BunBun is a Montreal-based VJ whose style is best described as brightly colored, ultra-textured, beat-synced and holographic. Her work has been featured at over 50 international festivals, concerts, conferences and clubs, including Bass Coast, C2, Igloofest, îleSoniq, Jazz Fest, MUTEK Montreal and Japan, Stereo Nightclub, SXM Festival and WOMB Tokyo. BunBun has also produced visuals alongside hundreds of world-renowned artists.
Sard is a Detroit-based producer and performer of live electronic music. His searing live sets synthesize his love of classic techno with forward-looking textures and rhythms, creating familiar yet undeniably innovative moments. Having played at Movement Festival, The Great Beyond, as well as numerous underground parties and clubs in North America, his 10 years of work in "Live PA" enable him to offer sets crossing different dance-oriented genres.
Hailing from Nashville's diy techno scene, esme has brought a refreshing sound to the Montreal DJ circuit. Expect madness on three decks, relentless EQ adjustments and a diverse range of rhythms. From ecstatic grooves to psychic rumbles, esme is sure to satisfy your urge to move.
A musician with semi-classical training, OJPB dabbled in styles as varied as classical, metal and free jazz, but his career really exploded when he arrived in Montreal. Under the pseudonym Bowly, he became one of Montreal's first ambassadors of UK Grime and UK Funky. More recently, his releases as OJPB on labels such as Lazy Days, Parages and Boogie Café, channel the spirit of disco through a deep house lens.
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