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Domesicle Francofolies Edition — Dombrance • Dylan Dylan • Arielle Roberge




Armed with his confetti cannon and his best moustache, he turned his kitchen, bathroom and kids' bedroom upside down during the lockdown... Dombrance, the man who has been making politics and clubbing rhyme since his appearance at the Trans Musicales de Rennes in 2018, continues his crazy electoralo-musical project!

Dylan Dylan

An artist to watch closely in 2023 according to the ranking Trax Magazine. In 2022, Dylan Dylan joined the prestigious UK record label Shall Not Fade, where she released her debut album Euphoria that was critically acclaimed. House, techno and acid loops, her various releases and exciting DJ sets have taken her to the top of the charts on the French electronic scene.

Arielle Roberge

Montreal DJ, producer and Groove Galore founder Arielle Roberge has been spreading her passion for electronic disco music on dancefloors for many years, perfectly harmonizing rhythm and groove with retro melodies. She has performed alongside Darius, Trinix, HoneyLuv and Kid Francescoli. Arielle also released 3 singles in 2023: Dancin’, Don't Lose The Fun et It Doesn't Matter.


Alexis Quesnel

Alexis is a freelance 3D designer and art director based in Montreal. What sets him apart is his versatility, original vision and ability to create rich, unique visuals. Alexis' past professional experiences have led him to collaborate with renowned clients such as Vogue Taiwan, Paprika, LG2, Principal Studio, Deux Huit Huit, Kelly Lee Owens, Tag Heuer, Caserne, Igloofest and many others.

Gold Casanova

Charles Desmarais, AKA Gold Casanova, is a Montreal-based artist and motion designer. He holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design from UQAM (2015). Currently, he is a freelance 2D/3D motion designer, collaborating mainly with design studios in Quebec and the United States. In addition to animation, he specializes in illustration, VJing and murals. His clients include MTV, The New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek. He has performed extensively as a VJ, presented several works at mapping festivals and recently held his very first exhibition.

Gold Casanova aims to create works that are light, fun and colorful. His aim is to make the viewer laugh and bring joy.

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