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Domesicle Dark Entries — Josh Cheon • DJ Hermano • Liv K


Josh Cheon

Josh Cheon grew up in northern New Jersey, just outside New York City where he spent his weekends dancing at goth clubs and digging for records. He moved to San Francisco in 2006 and joined gay DJ collective Honey Soundsystem from 2007 to 2017. His love of underground ‘80s music pushed him to start Dark Entries in 2009, a record label specializing in reissuing lost music from that era as well as contemporary bands referencing those analog sounds.

DJ Hermano

DJ Hermano, a Brazilian native based in Montreal, founded Íntimas, a mobile queer party known in Bogotá. A well-traveled selector, his music collection spans various genres, deeply rooted in body music, yet his Brazilian heritage influences his eclectic mixes, blending 80s and 90s hits with modern electronic tunes. His performances stands out by offering a unique audiovisual experience in unconventional spaces, aimed at fostering dialogue and exchange within the queer community, promoting self-exploration and authenticity.

Liv K

Liv K. aka okleave plays with their heart first and their head second. For them, every set is an experiment in feeling, an attempt to find the horizon line where dj soul and dancer body might meet. A co-founder of Bijou, ‘a party for the freaks and the queers,’ Liv helps to bring a sweet, silly freakquency to the DIY dancefloors of MTL’s vibrant dance music scene.
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