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Domesicle Deeplomatic — Icky Magdala • Pheek (DJ) • Gabriel Rei • Mok-T b2b Bwi Bwi • Shadya


Icky Magdala

Icky Magdala, a Montreal-based DJ/producer with nearly two decades of experience, thrives in the underground scene with influences spanning dub to acid techno. A fervent vinyl collector, she's performed at prestigious venues and festivals globally, such as Mutek and The Lot Radio. Aside from performing, she hosts Bridges to Dub on Still.FM, promoting diverse music and positive energy through her collective, Brexit Don’t Kill My Grime.


Jean-Patrice Rémillard, better known as Pheek, is a leading figure on the Montreal electronic scene, renowned for his live performances, his label Archipel, and his audio engineering studio. His musical universe, a blend of dub, microhouse and ambient, defies traditional classification. During the 2020 pandemic, he produced four albums, marking a period of intense creativity. Having traveled the world, Pheek now favors improvisation and sound research, continuing to evolve and surprise.

Gabriel Rei

Active for a decade in Montreal, Gabriel Rei stands out in electronica, navigating between warm house and lively techno. Internationally recognized, he has released several EPs via Bienvenue Recordings, headed by Gene Tellem. Together they form Game Plan and participate in other collaborative projects. On stage, Gabriel Rei creates captivating mixes blending dub, soul and electro, marking his appearance on international platforms and at the Mutek Festival.


Mok-T is Hugo Fournier, an artist from Lyon based in Montreal who practices music influenced by the spectrum of Raw House and Dub. He is committed to building positive, inclusive dance floor spaces in Montreal's rapidly growing community. His self launched Deeplomatic series has provided a quality platform for artists in the scene since 2022 and more than 12 successful nights in the city. He also practices digital art with Isotone studio that he created in 2018. In 2020, he released his first tracks on Kizi Garden Records, and his last vinyl project on La Rama Dubs in 2021. One EP for Archipel Musique and a track for Kito Kat Records will be released soon. And he has a lot of surprises for the rest of the year.


Marseille-born producer Bwi-Bwi has already made quite a few waves with his deconstructed, eclectic and ultra-danceable house style. Trained in Glasgow and Toulouse with M&C and Boussole Records, Bwi-Bwi made his mark with his single "Insight" on Lüüd Discs, capturing the attention of Classic Music Company. His debut EP in 2021, "Canto Souleu", and his two subsequent EPs on Unknown to the Unknown, mark his varied style. His international sets have made their mark on The Lot Radio, Rinse UK, and Shift Radio in Montreal.


DJ, co-founder and co-manager of Chez.kito.kat records since 2006, SHADYA has been involved in music through writing lyrics and poetry since 1996. She was part of an electro-synth clash band as a singer and performer (2005–2014). At the same time, she toured as an artist in France, in Canada, and in the USA. Her mixes explore the broad spectrum of electronic music. In addition to her work as an artist, she is a musical journalist for Panm360 (Canadian music magazine). She supports inclusive nightlife culture, intersectional decolonial feminism, and fights against systemic racism.
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