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Domesicle — Elena Colombi • Kris Guilty



Elena Colombi (IT-UK)

Italian-born Elena Colombi is a unique DJ known for emotionally engaging sets that blend light and dark tones with varied intensity. With a broad understanding of global music cultures, she creatively navigates through genres, emphasizing energy and emotion while spotlighting obscure artists. Her approach stems from her extensive world travels since childhood.

Now based in Amsterdam, she has performed on the festival circuit at events such as Dekmantel, Club To Club, and Nuits Sonores. You can find her during her monthly show on NTS radio. Her label Osàre! Editions launched in 2019.

Kris Guilty

Born and raised in Montreal, Kris Guilty is a child of family functions and the vibrant experiences of the city life. For over 20 years now as a DJ, show promoter, record store operator, bar booker, graphics maker, label head and lover of the night life, KG has been participating and contributing to the local offerings.

No matter what comes next, it all started with the music, dance and gathering. The record will always be priority, so you can expect DJ sets to give you the best trip possible & more music via the shop/label to help get you there!



The source of D4000 work comes from her endless fascination for moving textures, colors and abstract geometry, mixed together to create vibrant and evocative ambiances.

This is the base for projects of all types, ranging from mapping to live performances. With a multidisciplinary approach in the creation of her work, she fuses analog and digital methods, offering a unique, dynamic and colorful video repertoire.

Le Frankenstein

Francis Pineau a.k.a. Le Frankenstein is a 3D, video, and audio artist. His work takes shape as 3D animations, audiovisual performances, motion design work and audio production. Rooted in the digital arts, he juxtaposes different techniques and is focused on the unique properties and limits of the mediums he uses. His projects conjures visions of disjointed worlds, of forgotten pasts and of possible futures.
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