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Domesicle Kizi Garden — Anatohl (live) • Inside Blur • Waner



Anatohl, aka Anatole Michaud, has established himself as a leading figure on the deep house scene, blending energy and ethereal atmospheres with 90s influences. Based in Montreal after stints in Zurich and Paris, he is also co-manager of Kizi Garden Records and actively involved in the local music community. His performances, combining DJ and live sets, have positioned him in the Montreal underground, collaborating with renowned artists. His work has been recognized internationally, culminating in his performance at the MUTEK festival in August 2023.

Inside Blur

Inside Blur, a dynamic DJ, producer, and sound designer from Toulouse, now based in Montreal, captivates with acid-tinged dynamic techno heavily inspired by trance. Having debuted on the Parisian label Intervision, she expands her discography across North American and European labels. Co-founding Vertige Records, she released her debut vinyl in 2022 and recently released a hard trance EP with Berlin's Pulzar Recordings. Known for eclectic, energizing sets, Inside Blur embodies the euphoria of a wild night.


Founder of the Kizi Garden Records label and member of Kizi 404, Waner loves tracks that make the body pulsate, while delighting the mind. It was in Paris that he began stenciling vinyl to post tracks by his favorite artists before moving to Montreal to play those same vinyls to discerning audiences. His first gig was in Tokyo in 2016, with Japanese artists Kizi Garden. Since then, he's played in France, at Piknic Électronik, Igloofest, Datcha, Le Système and more.
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