Ecolab: The Mobilization of Artists


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Ecosystem Alpha - Dome Experience by Aude Guivarc’h

Ecosysteme Alpha is an interactive sculpture portraying a mountainous landscape. By using video mapping technology, projections create the illusion of natural cycles such as water, wind, erosion, and seasons. It reacts to the physical disturbances from the audience by generating destructive effects, thus highlighting human impact on the environment. This artwork aims to raise awareness among spectators about their ecological responsibility and symbolizes our planet as well as its fragility.

Arka Kinari: Artivism at Sea by Filastine & Nova

Created by multimedia studio 4Pi Productions and international artists and climate activists Filastine & Nova, this immersive documentary performance takes you on the trail of an extraordinary odyssey. Fusing 360º video, live music and storytelling, the work recounts the artists' epic journey aboard an eco-designed sailboat that plied the ports during the pandemic... inviting audiences to rethink their impact on the planet.

About the participants :

Filastine & Nova

Filastine & Nova create music, videos and live performances, working to undermine borders. Their music collides electronic beat production with dense layers of voice, concréte sounds, analogue synths and strings. Spin magazine calls it “bass music for crumbling urban futures,” and Pitchfork says “they sound less like `world’ music and more like music from another world.” Another world is exactly what they aim to create, using sound, video, design, and dance to express a radically different vision of the possible.

4PI Productions

4Pi are an award-winning producing arts studio blending powerful emerging technologies with cross-media storytelling approaches, producing immersive experiences that reach audiences in new and engaging ways. 4Pi explores the boundaries between art, design and technology and opened CULTVR Lab in Cardiff, Europe’s first immersive cross-disciplinary space with a strong focus on digital arts, XR live performances and 360º cinema.

Aude Guivarc'h

Aude Guivarc'h is a Multimedia Artist and Director based in Montreal. Her creative portfolio extends across monumental projections, immersive and interactive installations, music videos, digital art and live performances. Influenced by her background in visual arts, industrial design, and strong of a 14 year career as a Multimedia Director and Motion Designer, her creative process is a digital, physical and interactive hybrid. Drawing inspiration from nature, music, and science, her creative vision is imbued with a deep appreciation for fractals and the incorporation of shapes and motions evoking the dynamism of natural forces. Aude's artistic endeavors involve a probing exploration of humanity's connection to nature and the pressing ecological challenges through an eco-feminist, queer, and socially engaged perspective.

Mikellena Nettos

Mikellena Nettos (she/her), holds a master's in Sustainability Science and Society and a bachelor’s in Medical Sciences with a minor in Dramatic Arts and a minor in Environmental Sustainability. She seamlessly integrates science, art, and social consciousness. Through pioneering research on Environmental Racism in Southern Ontario using GIS, she maps disparities for visible minority communities. As Community Engagement Manager at Climate Reality Canada, Mikellena leads change through climate education and, personally, through her climate book club, embodying a strong commitment to environmental advocacy and a sustainable future.

Lola Baraldi

Lola Baraldi is a creative project manager specialized in event-planning and communications. She currently works as MUTEK Montreal’s Partnerships & Digital Strategy Manager, while also overseeing Ecoresponsability initiatives. She began working in music as a freelance writer promoting Montréal’s electronic music scene, picking up new hats along the way. Lola co-founded the Montréal edition of shesaid.so, part of a global network aiming to create opportunities for women working in music. She is now studying Cultural and Artistic Management and sits on Montréal’s Night Council as part of the Health, Safety, Inclusion and Diversity committee.
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