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EM15 @ SAT - Full program

26 May au 01 Jun 2014
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Following the artistic vivacity created by Symposium ix, the SAT is glad to add a few presentations of the following works as part of EM15. Featured are : a double-immersive showcasing with "Quantum" (1024 Architecture) and "Nimbes" (Joanie Lemercier, James Ginzburg) in addition to "IRM" (Bruno Ribeiro), "Carapace" (Mary Franck, Kadet Kuhne), "Fragments" (RFID) and "Turcot - la route devenue architecture" (beewoo).

We also invites you to start your night at the Foodlab with our [email protected] on our rooftop terrace (thursday May 29 to Saturday May 31) and why not enjoy our sunny weekend brunches (Saturday May 31 and Sunday June 1st) !

Quantum & Nimbes

Double program showcasing Quantum, an immersive installation by Francois Wunschel and Fernando Favier (1024 Architecture) and Nimbes by Joanie Lemercier (co-fondateur d’Anti-Vj) and James Ginzburg (Emptyset), an immersive projection on an architectural scale.

May 26 to May 31 - 7pm and 7:30pm

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IRM [LIVE], Carapace and Fragments

Triple program showcasing immersive performances IRM by Bruno Ribeiro Alias Nohista, Caparace by Mary Franck and Kadet Kuhne and Fragments by William Young, Benjamin Gannaway and Jake Williams

From May 28 to May 31 mai - 8:30pm to 10pm
May 31 and June - 2:30pm to 4pm

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Turcot : la route devenue architecture

This interactive and immersive installation by Brengère L. Marin-Dubuard alias Beewoo proposes a visit of the Turcot interchange. Members of the audience can alter the interchange’s structure and routes as they play with elements from a miniature wooden model, placed in the Satosphere’s centre like a set of building blocks, and so create a new, dynamic form of architecture, transforming our vision of construction work and its completion.

May 28 to May 31 - 5pm to 6:30pm
Free entrance

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5 à 7 & brunchs EM15

Mix immersive and culinary experiences for EM15! The Foodlab opens its door for the festival, start your night on our rooftop terrace with 5 to 7 or enjoy our brunches on the week-end.

[email protected] Terrasse : May 29 to May 31 - 5pm to 7pm
Brunchs : May 31 to june 1 - 11am to 3pm

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