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After graduating in 2006 from the ITHQ, it is while in graduate culinary arts training that he meets John Lapierre-Réhayem, his friend and work companion. His experiences in France and in a Guatemalan farm at 24 years old will make him discover a whole new approach to cooking. Among other things by spending time with artisans, bakers, butchers, …

After having worked at Sofitel’s Le Renoir restaurant, and then at La Salle à Manger, he takes part in 2010 in the opening of Tuck Shop as Sous-Chef. His encounters and relationships with Quebec farmers grow more and more, as does his love for local products. Three years later, he takes the lead of Laloux with his friend John Lapierre-Réhayem before starting his adventure as Chef at Foodlab.

Adrien Renaud is a poster child for Montreal’s current cuisine, and first and foremost a strong supporter of Quebec’s farming and terroir. Every day, he showcases the work of local artisans/farmers. And to do so, he surrounds himself with the very best, like Mr Bertrand or Mr Legault with whom he’s been working for many long years. To recognize the work that these Men in the shadows do is more than necessary according to him. Adrien lives with the seasons and from what nature offers him, and sets this up harmoniously in his plates.



A native of the Quebec city area, it has now been over ten years since Maude stepped into the food service industry, while simultaneously studying arts and cabinetry.

As time goes by, pursuing her work, she quickly notices her passion for wine. She materializes this fondness by training as a sommelier at ITHQ, and then by wandering through vineyards, meeting the winemakers behind the bottles. Sincere encounters start to expand her horizons. A winemaker’s choices must be understood in order to appreciate his finished product. It’s the same for art and artisanry : understanding the artist’s process and background allows us to fully appreciate the work, and look at it with a more sensible eye. In artisanry, we can see the transmission of tradition.

The wines on Maude’s list follow the same idea. Maude favours wines from small businesses, for the most part natural, but first and foremost winemakers’ wines. Because, through their work, they follow the same natural techniques used by elders before the oenological frenzy, respecting land and vines.

Wine, true wine, is a work of art conveying a story, allowing us to share, and exchange.