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Future Voyage: the Time of Adaptation

The artworks

Storehouse of wisdom

Airan Kang (KR)
Media installation, 2010-2022

Kang's work explores the concept of a "virtual book" accumulating in virtual space for the future, with a synesthetic VR exhibition allowing audiences to experience a virtual library and envision future data accumulation. Simultaneous audio-visual materials create a non-linear, flexible hypertext effect, transforming the library into a heterotopian space, evoking sublime sensations.

Airan Kang explores the profound role of books as symbols, their historical importance as sources of knowledge, and their evolving significance in the modern era where they are experienced beyond reading. Emphasizing the connection to culture and future challenges, the artist seeks to redefine time and space through this exploration.

Second Garden

atom &bits (KR)
Installation, 2022

"Second Garden" envisions a future garden where humans coexist with nature amidst air pollution. An artificial sun orbits a rare broadleaf plant, casting plant shadows on walls, creating a forested space. Luminescent plants, reborn through parametric modeling, emit light and send danger signals to others when touched by participants via sensor detection.

atom&bits is a creative studio based in Seoul led by KIM Eunjin & KIM Seungki. With science, technology and design background, they research and build immersive experiences for non-daily moments. They want to explore technology in a different way than before to create a lot of happy little incidents in the world.

Hybrid Nature

Bosul Kim (KR)
Realtime AI interactive installation, 2022

"Hybrid Nature" envisions a future ecosystem, drawing from oriental philosophies and raising climate crisis awareness. It explores the beauty of the microscopic world, expanding it into a virtual space. Viewers become avatars in a surreal environment shaped by extreme climate change and genetic mutations, experiencing the organic relationship between humans and nature.

Bosul Kim is an artist who blends art and technology through an oriental perspective, exploring the connection between humans and nature. Her works incorporate contemporary tech like AR/XR, metaverse, and NFT, showcasing the beauty of the microscopic world and life's essence beyond time and space. She is a digital art professor at Seoul National University of Arts and engages in international creative activities via Culture Hub's art-technology platform.


log() (KR)
Interactive installation, 2023

"Lev-AI-than" is an interactive installation, enabling real-time audience participation through smart devices to control virtual ecosystems. In response to the pandemic, it addresses the survival of humanity, coexistence with nature, and societal transformation. The concept explores sustainable futures, balancing thriving ecosystems with human aspirations for continuous growth.

Cooperated with Korea Culture Technology Institute, GIST

log() is a media artist team consisting of Sungmin Park and Anna Kim. The team explores the interaction between humans and the environment and focuses on technology as a means to examine the relationship between them. Observations of various social phenomena and issues within the social system lead to artistic possibilities, which materialize through digital storytelling and mirroring.

le corps-glitch (multitudes)

Marie-Ève Levasseur (CA)
VR installation, 2022

"Le corps-glitch (multitudes)" is a virtual reality experience exploring various future bodies. Unlike traditional VR, it offers a non-anthropomorphic body that constantly transforms and merges with the environment. This ambiguous and fluid body, inspired by the Glitch Feminism Manifesto, defies norms and allows experimentation with identities, surfaces, colors, and forms, proposing a processual definition of human existence within our ecosystem.

Marie-Ève Levasseur is a Montreal-based artist who delves into intimacy, non-human ecosystems, and the fusion of technology and organic elements. Their multidisciplinary art, including video, installation, sculpture, 3D animation, and mixed realities, challenges our perception of technology-mediated content, drawing from feminist science fiction. Levasseur's speculative fabulation fosters cross-species dialogue, showcased worldwide in solo and group exhibitions, supported by grants from organizations like the Canada Council for the Arts.
see their website


Minha Yang (KR)
Interactive installation, 2022

"Symbiosis" is an artwork demonstrating the interaction between artificial life forms in a space and their visual representation through soft artificial life algorithms. A central symbiotic organism comprises multiple rules combined into one, emitting light from 220 life nodes. Inside, the life forms intersect, attach, replicate, and spread light, influenced by each other.

Yang Minha, an educator and media artist from Seoul, Korea, explores the integration of art, science, machines' vitality, coevolution, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Despite complex subjects, Minha intentionally simplifies visual expression, concealing technology to create sentimental art. This approach enables the audience to immerse themselves fully in the artwork.

UNION: Play the Memory Game

Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber (CA)
WebVR experience in Satellite, the SAT’s virtual space, 2022

UNION explores a future where memories are shared, touching is forbidden, and memory becomes a valuable commodity in the cyberworld GAEA. Building on Lee and Bhumber's 2021 exhibition, it delves into surveillance capitalism, cultural memory, and embodiment after environmental and societal collapse in 3000.

Virtual reality collaborators: Jonny Ostrem, Ian Nakamoto and Yun-Jou Chang.
UNION was created through a SAT art residency for MUTEK 2022. This project is part of a measure from the Quebec Digital Cultural Plan.

Nancy Lee 李南屏 is a Taiwanese-Canadian interdisciplinary media artist, curator, and DJ. Their work explores our interconnectedness with space and has been featured at international events and festivals. They co-founded CURRENT and engage in cross-genre shows, workshops, and residencies at their DIY studio in Vancouver Chinatown.
Kiran Bhumber ਕਿਰਨਦੀਪ ਕੌਰ ਭੰਬਰ is an Indo-Canadian interdisciplinary media artist, composer, and performer. Her work explores memory, technology, and embodiment through interactive installations and performances. Bhumber's compositions focus on spatial arrangements and narrative, presented at renowned events and festivals.

The Prophets

Nicolas Sassoon (CA-FR)
Sculptural installation, 2019

"The Prophets" is an ongoing sculpture series blending computer technology and geological forces. Volcanic rocks and LCD panels form enigmatic figures, while pixelated animations evoke flowing lava within the stones. The sculptures merge technology and inert rocks, hinting at volcanic unrest and exploring the connections between organic and inorganic materials, reflecting our digital condition rooted in volcanological processes.

Nicolas Sassoon utilizes early computer graphics to create diverse pixelated forms, moiré patterns, and architectural structures. His work explores the tensions between pixels and screens, reflecting on their materiality and entanglement. By exclusively employing pixelated patterns and figures, he delves into the imagery's sculptural, material, and poetic qualities, inspired by its limitations. Sassoon resides between Montreal, Canada, and Biarritz, France.
see his website

Last Species on Earth

Shonee (CA-CR)
Multi-channel video installation, 2023

"Last Species on Earth" delves into extinction and the commodification of nature. It presents a speculative reality where last surviving plant and animal specimens are kept in incubation chambers, placing viewers as zoo attendees. The artwork explores the impact of humanity's desire to domesticate nature on the evolution of plants and animals.

Last Species on Earth was created during the “Ecologies & Cosmologies: Themed Commission” residency at Trinity Square Video and exhibited at Whippersnapper Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

Shonee (Bianca Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes), a Montreal-based Costa Rican-Canadian digital media artist and MFA candidate at Concordia University, draws inspiration from her Costa Rican upbringing near a rainforest. Her work explores nature's significance in urban life, creating unique 3D representations of organisms. By portraying the endangered non-human world, she challenges humanity's understanding of nature during the ecological crisis, aiming to foster renewed appreciation for the natural world. Arroyo-Kreimes' work has received awards and been exhibited at prestigious events and institutions.
see her website

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Sophia Oppel (CA)
Multimedia installation, 3D video, 2023

In an embodied default 3D model, Claudia, an AI assistant, reflects on capitalist affirmation and her complicity as a surveillant entity. Through a pitch-corrected monologue, she contemplates feminized labor and deferred desire, switching between poetic speculation, auto-responses, and failed commands. The text vocalized by the artist mimics AI assistants like Siri and Alexa, exploring the AI mirror effect and how they reaffirm power imbalances, with humans metabolizing late capitalism's affect while intelligent machines ingest and regurgitate us.

Sophia Oppel is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher interested in examining digital interfaces and physical architectures as parallel sites of power. Her materials—namely glass, mirror and the screen—provide a framework to consider the paradoxes of being human within surveillance capitalism. She received a Masters of Visual Studies from the University of Toronto (2021), and has exhibited widely.
see her website

Meta Time Capsule

Studio mbus703 (KR)
3D environment, 2023

After a three-year restoration, "The More, The Better" project resumed temporarily in 2022. Electronic art with contemporary technology has a shorter lifespan, and restoration becomes harder. "Meta Time Capsule" reflects on mediums disappearing, raising questions about preservation in this era of extinction. The uncertainty exists whether the time capsule will survive until 2030, while it continues to observe the ongoing changes.

Studio MBUS703, led by NHO Chiwook and HA Seokjun, conducts artistic experiments in virtual and real spaces. NHO Chiwook's video and media art reveal the obscured "self" in modern society, using digital media's external elements. By experiencing his art, audiences can rediscover the "self" and its connections to others. HA Seokjun explores the contradictions between humans and technology, exemplified in media performances like "The Platform of Suffering" held in Milan and Seoul.
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