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15 Jan au 14 Feb 2014
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As part of their residency at the SAT, Maotik and Fraction -the duo who created Dromos- present ObE, an immersive and interactive audiovisual installation. Produced in the Satosphere, the installation is an exclusive experience at the very heart of an unpredictable virtual creature.

An illuminated area in the center invites the visitor. Walking through that area -or simply approaching it with the hand- triggers the immersive environment to react via a system of infrared sensors, as if such movements caused "OBE" to behave like an organic entity and suddenly awake.

Produced and presented by the Society for Arts & Technology [SAT] with the support of the Consulat Général de France in Quebec.

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See the article on The Creators Project

A menu is also offered at Labo culinaire as an addition to each projection:
Romaine salad + Sautéed green beans + Congee alldressed

From January 15th to February 14th
Tuesday to Friday - Satosphere (3rd floor)
Immersive film (7pm)
: 17 $ - fees included
Immersive film + Dinner at Labo culinaire (5pm to 10pm) : 51.50$ + tips
Length : 35 min

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Tickets also available at the door the evening projection from 5 pm.

Press quotes (DROMOS)

« It is a unique experience when
sound and visual are synchronised.»

- Interactivedesign.it

« An immersive, sensory-heavy experience that engages right up until its intense
stroboscopic climax. »

- Dustin Morris, Exclaim

« An immersive symphony celebrating the science of speed »

- The Creators Project

Maotik (FR)

Mathieu Le Sourd, aka Maotik, is a multimedia artist and designer of interactive experiences who began his career in 2005 and currently lives in Montreal.

Since then, his work has been featured in galleries, clubs and festivals around the world. Fuelled by his passion for music and digital arts, Maotik focuses on the creation of reactive audio systems, physical interaction devices and real time visual systems.

See his official website

Fraction (FR)

Eric Raynaud is a composer, electronic music producer and self-taught sound artist currently residing in Paris.

He studied the principles of electroacoustic and experimental music in Boston in 2004 before launching his Fraction project in 2005. He uses this moniker as a signature for his composition and production works. Parallel to the Dromos project, he is also working on the production of his new album signed under InFiné label.

See his official website