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02 au 18 Apr 2014
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Polynôme is a compilation of four short works exploring the new languages of immersive capture.

By mostly using sequences from real shoots, Polynôme sustains a singular narrative approach for exploratory works presented in spherical format : The Sublime by Sandra Harnisch-Lacey (UK), BreakFAST by Sönke Hahn (DE), Envol by Christian Morissette, Alexandre Lanthier and Maxime Lortie (CA) and Listen Carefully by Sebastian Hilgetag and Marie Havemann (DE).

Additional screening until May 9 - 7pm
From Tuesday to Friday - Satosphere (3rd floor)

Duration : 30mn

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Tickets available online and also at the door from 5 pm before the screenings.


The Wright brothers' first flight turns into multiple flights.

From images of the beginning of the cinema, we witness the deconstruction of the usual bi-dimensional cinematographic experiment and are transported towards the possibilities of the hemispherical immersive cinema, while paying homage to the early cinema and the Cinechamber group.

Artists : Christian Morissette + Alexandre Lanthier + Maxime Lortie (CA)
Duration : 13 min

See Christian Morissette's LinkedIn
See Alexandre Lanthier's website
See Maxime Lortie's website


The Sublime is a dynamic fulldome dance film featuring site-specific live captured sequences of parkour and break-dance shot within the natural & urban spaces of Wales, and set to an original composition by Luke Harney.

Artist : Sandra Harnisch-Lacey (UK)
Duration : 5 min 30

See Sandra Harnisch-Lacey's website


BreakFAST is a modern film noir. The short movie is a combination of real footage and drawn 3D backgrounds. The short tells the story of a tragic hero. A beautiful femme fatale orders our hero to get breakfast rolls. As fate wants it, there are no more rolls to get in the nearby bakery. The Hero,desperately thinking he is too late, notices that the last customer is about to leave the store carrying a bread bag. The hero snatches the bag away from its former owner.

A wild bike chase is going to start...

Artist : Sönke Hahn (DE)
Duration : 5 min

See Sönke Hahn's website


“Listen Carefully” is an award-winning short film that deals with inspiration as its main topic and the question: “What Inspires you?”.

It’s a mix of fashion, lifestyle, typography and illustration with a dark sound design, all put together in a movie.

Artists : Sebastian Hilgetag + Marie Havemann (DE)
Duration : 6 min

See Sebastian Hilgetag's website
See Marie Havemann's website