SAT x MUTEK: Satosphere Series 2023

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Double program: Metaract + Iwakura

August 22
Length: 40 minutes
Times: 7pm and 9pm
Immersive films

Metaract — Manami Sakamoto & Yuri Urano
Metaract is an exploration of the duality between analog and digital. It reveals the artists' quest for meaning through their documentation of natural elements such as textures, colors and sounds in the composition of the work.

Iwakura — Kazuya Nagaya & Ali Mahmut Demirel & Maurice Jones
Rooted in Shintoist mythology, Iwakura refers to the spirits that inhabit sacred rock formations found all over Japan. The work reveals the creative strategies visual artist Ali M. Demirel uses to critically integrate AI into his work. Iwakura is not part of the SAT residency program and is a project produced by Mutek Japan and the Goethe Institute.

UNION — Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber

August 23
Length: 40 minutes
Times: 7pm and 9pm
Immersive performance

UNION is an immersive tale of two beings discovering their ancestral memories through the desire for touch and the rituals practiced in their post-apocalyptic wedding ceremony. The narrative draws on the diasporic identities of the artists to reveal and reconstruct cultural memory through the sacred ritual of spiritual union and physical intimacy.

I want to leave this Earth behind — Stefana Fratila & Diana VanderMeulen

Length: 30 minutes
Times: 8pm and 10pm
Immersive performance

I want to leave this Earth behind is an analysis on what it means for a disabled person, such as Stefana Fratila, to be leading an imagined exploration of outer space. The artist’s vision is to make listeners engage in an exercise of imagining the sounds of interplanetary atmospheres. Those conditions are inherently unlivable, unbreathable, and convert all human body-minds into ‘disabled-bodied-ness’.
Bruno Destombes

Entanglement — France Jobin & Markus Heckmann

Length: 50 minutes
Times: 8pm and 10pm
Immersive performance

Entanglement is a dazzling work that transforms quantum physics theories into a swooping sensorial experience. The complex notions addressed in the performance are translated into a visually and sonically stunning experience guided by science, technology, and the sensitivity needed to illustrate what cannot be visualized. The viewer contemplates these revolving realms, composed of intricate graphics and audio.

Discover the artists

Ali Mahmut Demirel [TR/DE]
Diana VanderMeulen [CA]
France Jobin [CA]
Kazuya Nagaya [JP]
Kiran Bhumber [CA]
Manami Sakamoto [JP]
Markus Heckmann [DE/CA]
Maurice Jones [DE/CA]
Nancy Lee [CA]
Stefana Fratila [CA]
Yuri Urano [JP]
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