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Advanced TouchDesigner Concepts with Elburz Sorkhabi

22 Jan 2016

Inscription 18 +

TouchDesigner is the leading platform for interactive media and immersive design, and is used to create the world's largest installations.

Elburz Sorkhabi explores advanced concepts such as network optimization, managing multi-user development, tuning Windows for multi-output installations, advanced CHOP techniques, 3D interactive networks for touch screens, and creating reusable custom components.

Workshop Objectives

  • Diagnose and optimize networks for high-performance;
  • Structure projects for teams working in parallel using Git;
  • Configure Windows and TouchDesigner for tear/stutter-free multi-output installations;
  • Create advanced CHOP networks to efficiently solve creative coding challenges;
  • Create interactive 3D content for touch screens using Render Picking;
  • Create reusable components with custom parameters and Python storage.


Elburz is the Immersive Technical Director of zero11zero, lead of nVoid division, and is one of the leading authorities on TouchDesigner. He has worked on product launches, permanent installations, and worldwide tours with clients like google, Kanye West, Giorgio Armani, Burj Khalifa, Nike, US Open, TIFF, Bionic League, Seattle Art Museum, Cannes Lions, Axwell & Ingrosso, Verizon, and Derivative. Elburz has led teams across the world from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, and Europe.

Visit his official website
Visit nvoid website

Required materials :

  • Computer capable of running TouchDesigner;
  • Commercial Licence of TouchDesigner;
  • Account on

Prerequisites :

  • Intermediate knowledge of TouchDesigner (comfortable with: all operator families, windowing/using multiple outputs, procedurally generating content, and structuring medium to large projects);
  • Intermediate knowledge of Python scripting in TouchDesigner (comfortable with: referencing, using loops, accessing operator methods, manipulating strings);
  • Basic knowledge of Git (familiarity with: basic Git concepts and workflow, have created and cloned/committed to a GitHub repository);
  • Email 1 TouchDesigner network to [email protected] for use in the optimization session.

Informations :

Total Length : 6 hours (two 3-hour sessions)

Dates : Friday, January 22 from 6-9 PM, and Sunday, January 24 from 12-3 PM
Language : English; teacher is bilingual and can fully answer questions in French; a French-speaking member of the SAT will also be there to help out with translation if needed
Teacher : Elburz Sorkhabi
Workshop type : Masterclass
Deadline for registration : January 21

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