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September 1 to October 2
Tuesday to Friday au vendredi 2 to 9 pm / Saturday 1 to 8 pm
Passport : $ 5

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Saturday October 2
4 pm
[3p] Roundtable
6 pm Performance

Museums, galleries, universities and research centres support, host, produce
and disseminate digital culture. How can a culture founded on questioning established
norms and asserting its own ways – from the birth of the idea to its execution
– find its audiences? How are we to present, exhibit and conserve these


Wayne Ashley (Lower Manhattan
Cultural Council, New York)
Michael Century (RPI, Troy)
Luc Courchesne (SAT, Montréal)
George Fifield (Boston CyberArts)
Yael Kanarek (The Upgrade!, New York)
Barbara London (MOMA, New York)
Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green
(atBoston.net / Turbulence.org, Boston)
tobias c. van Veen (SAT, Montréal)
Benjamin Weil (Eyebeam, New York)

To expand on the exhibition and interviews, SAT presents two open dialogues
with our [3p] project partners. This SAT initiative is designed to bring together
key people in the media arts from New York, Montreal, Boston and Troy and to
create a permanent network for collaboration and exchange.”

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