Appointment of Pía Baltazar as Head of the research department

The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is pleased to announce the appointment of Pía Baltazar as Director of Research.

Pía Baltazar is an intermedia composer, interactive designer and indisciplinary researcher. With a three-fold background in engineering, aesthetics and musical composition, she has been developing her artistic and technological research at the intersection of interactive design and artistic production for over twenty years.

Passionate about the development of open source digital tools for intermedia creation, she has been coordinating the ossia.io initiative for over fifteen years. Through the development of these tools, she is particularly interested in exploring ways of composing a variety of media with live their interactions (with performers, audiences…). More generally, her research interests focus on the creative possibilities of the encounters between the senses (vision, hearing, touch…) and on the involvement of the body and gesture in the creative process.


As an extension of the Metalab’s research approach and as part of the SAT’s innovation strategy, she seeks to build bridges with artists, academic research centers and organizations in the cultural and creative industries.

In this perspective, her long-term research program for SAT aims to produce collaborative tools for immersive and collective creation, as part of a research-creation approach.

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