Call for proposals :: Fabrique Numerique

The SAT is calling for proposals with the aim of selecting at least five (5) creative projects in digital audio and video to be completed during artistic residencies on its premises.


Call for proposals :: Fabrique Numérique

*Tuesday February 12th *

Society for Arts and Technology (SAT)
Residency Program for Artists and Researchers
Fabrique Numérique 2008


For the 2008 edition of its “Fabrique Numérique” residency program, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] intends to seek funding from the Canada Council for the Arts through its Grants to New Media and Audio Artists: New Media Residencies. The deadline for grant applications is March 1, 2008. As part of this plan, the SAT is calling for proposals with the aim of selecting at least five (5) creative projects in digital audio and video to be completed during artistic residencies on its premises. All artists whose projects are selected must be available for educational workshops on the immersive technology in development at the centre.

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La Fabrique Numérique [Digital_LAB]

First established as a SAT/TOT residency program in research and creation, Fabrique Numérique serves as a laboratory for transdisciplinary experimentation and creativity in the digital arts. Its mission is to put the resources and expertise of the SAT at the disposal of accomplished artists so they can concentrate on redefining the methods, production standards and overall potential of audiovisual technology and the media arts.

One essential activity of Fabrique Numérique is to conduct trials with the immersive media systems initially developed under the TOT project (www.tot.sat.qc.ca).

Submitting a Proposal

Digital artists are invited to submit a proposal for a creative work related to immersive environments, especially the SAT[osphere].

We are looking for individual artists, or groups of up to three artists working collaboratively, who are able to develop original content with 360-degree displays, digital video, and 2D/3D animation in tandem with multi-channel spatialization systems for audio signals. The candidates must demonstrate “an individual style or expressive approach, as well as a commitment to questioning and expanding the art form”; the ability to work independently; knowledge and skills in the digital arts; and active participation in the domain for at least three years.

The desired content will take the form of original, theme-based performances lasting between 20 and 45 minutes, featuring an original multichannel audio soundtrack and relying on the basic concepts of Live Cinema. Priority is given to projects that clearly show proof of innovation and original artistic expression.

The five selected projects will be chosen on the following basis: How creatively they integrate the use of new immersive technologies and display real innovation through a renewal of the formal elements of artistic style, technique or process.

For more info on immersive environments at the SAT:

For theories and concepts of Live Cinema:

Documents Required

Note: Only those artists whose proposals are chosen will be contacted for further information.

• Research or production plan (the phases to be completed during the residency)
• Overview of the project (max. 5 lines)
• Detailed description of the project
• Budget
• Schedule (the requested duration of the residency — max. 3 months)
• CV (one for each participant)
• Pressbook (max. 5 pages)
• Material specifications (list of hardware, detailed description of digital images)
• Full contact information (name, address, telephone, e-mail, web site)
• Research or production needs
• Project title
• Names of other group participants (maximum 3)
• Preferred start and end dates for the residency

Info: joseph (at) sat qc ca / 514-844-2033 ext. 214

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