Char Davies (Montréal)

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From September 1 to October 2
Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 9pm / Saturday 1pm to 8pm
Passport : $ 5

Catalogue and program
(PDF format)

Interior Body Series (1990-1993)

Five digital still images, colour transparency backlit
in lightbox: Leaf (1990); Root (1991); Drowning (1993); Stream (1991); Yearning
(1993). SAT Collection.
Created by Char Davies.



Fusing art and technology, Char Davies has achieved international recognition
for her work with immersive virtual reality. Davies has dealt with themes related
to nature, landscape, embodied subjectivity and perception in her work for more
than 25 years. She has worked with many different media, including painting
and filmmaking, developing a distinctive visual aesthetic. In the mid 80s, Davies
began to explore the virtual space of 3D digital technology as a means of furthering
her artistic intentions. In late 1987, she became a founding director of Softimage,
which became a world leader in the development of 3D animation. In 1998, she
founded her own research company, Immersence, which focuses on immersive virtual
environments as public installations. The immersive environments Osmose (1995)
and Éphémère (1998) integrate stereoscopic 3D computer
graphics, 3D localized sound and real time user interaction based on breath
& balance.



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