Thanks to Desjardins, scholarship are available to fund your tuition.

The SAT and Desjardins are working together to promote tomorrow`s emerging talents and to prepare young people for the jobs of the future, such as digital arts and immersive technologies. Whether in continuing education programs or youth workshops, Desjardins scholarships will allow recipients to benefit from the free training of their choice to help develop their skills.

A partner of Campus SAT since 2021, Desjardins is strengthening its commitment to education with a new scholarship program, totaling $3,000. Through this support, Desjardins is proud to encourage the hard work, ambition and perseverance of students in their academic journey. Contributing in a tangible way to education means helping young people in carrying out their projects, whatever they may be.

Created in 2006, Campus SAT is the educational component of the Society for Technological Arts, whose vocation is the transmission of knowledge resulting from the artistic and research activities of the SAT. Campus SAT supports artists of all ages and from all walks of life in their ability to engage with technologies, in order to allow as many people as possible to express themselves in digital discourse.

“We know that a financial boost can make a real difference in the pursuit of studies and these scholarships offered by Desjardins provide the opportunity for the future of these young people to access useful trainings and for the future development of artists. – Richard Langevin, Founder Campus SAT

How to apply:

1. Choose a training from our current offerings for 2023.

See Youth Workshops
See Trainings for Adults 

*Scholarships can’t be applied trainings subsidized by Services Québec.

2. Write a text or create a video

Explain your motivation to take an SAT training or workshop and how it would benefit your academic or professional journey. Be creative!

3. Submit your application no later than January 16th, 2022

A jury made up of members of the Campus SAT team and a representative of Desjardins will meet to select the winners. Candidates will be contacted in late January.


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