DJ ORCHESTRA at the first of the Pleines lunes series

A Quebec night in Paris!
DJ ORCHESTRA will be playing at the opening of Full moon party
at the Chatelet Theatre in Paris (France)

September 9th and september 23rd at SAT.

For immediate release

ORCHESTRA at the first of the Pleines lunes series

du Châtelet in Paris (France) on September 9

and at the SAT on September 23.

September 7, 2006
– Last year, francofffonies ! –
festival francophone en France, invited the SAT to produce a series of
shows and performances to launch this years’s Pleines lunes at the
Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. With the participation
of VJ Chef Joseph and ThisIsNotDesign
who will be representing the SAT[MisSessions], the SAT
teamed up with Complot Records to produce this DJ
performance in Paris this Saturday, September 9.

Starring six DJs and one conductor, this concert creates, as a traditional
orchestra would, a music with multiple sound sources. The Mole,
as the maestro, will direct the DJ performers Éloi Brunelle,
Jesse Morris, Luc Raymond, Mossa,
Mir and Slap.

of Les Passagers, the visuals take their source in live
footage of the performers that are tweaked and then projected on a giant
screens placed next to the stage.

This Saturday’s
launch of the Pleines lunes series consists of a unique occasion to demonstrate
Quebec’s tremendous creativity in the field of digital culture and
to promote Quebec’s digital musicians, DJs and creators abroad.

The DJ Orchestra project

Held on November 26,
2005, the first edition of DJ Orchestra enjoyed a true success. Those
who were there are now asking for more and still talk about this project
even though it initially seemed a little crazy on paper.

The concept is quite
simple: from six to eight DJs on stage with one conductor. Using a mega
mixer, the maestro assembles the sounds coming from each and every DJ,
each of them equipped with one turn table, a mixer and a selection of
tracks. The objective is to create a multiple sounds sourced music.

the Parisian edition, the DJ Orchestra will be back at SAT in its
“All Star”
version (8 DJs) to once
again offer its good beats and melodies to local fans.

Orchestra – Septembre 23, 2006 – SAT – 9pm to 3am


Visuals : Les Passagers


Source: Geneviève
Coordinator, Communications & PR

[email protected]
The SAT celebrates its 10th anniversary! Full program at www.sat.qc.ca

the SAT:
Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a transdisciplinary
centre dedicated to the creation, dissemination and conservation of digital
culture. It brings together creators who work with digital technologies,
fostering collaboration among diverse artistic and scientific disciplines,
establishing partnerships with industry and educational institutions and
promoting its members at home and abroad.
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