Electronic music creation workshops for seniors

Since December 2022, the Society for Arts and Technology’s (SAT) education team has set up an electronic music workshop in a seniors’ residence. Participants are invited to discover the process of creating an electronic music piece by remixing classics from the French and international music repertoire. The workshop aims to make creation simple, fun and accessible to all. No computer or music knowledge is required to participate.

Workshop facilitator, Mathieu Monteillet: “I’ve been dreaming of doing this for a long time and this is the beginning of a great collaboration! I was surprised by the curiosity and interest of this generation. There was a great atmosphere and the participants were motivated and enthusiastic. It shows that techno has no age!

This music creation workshop is an initiative of the City of Laval (supported by the Bibliothèques de Laval), funded by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications; in partnership with the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT). Other sessions in different residences for seniors in Laval are planned for the winter of 2023.


The Noovo channel came to attend one of our workshops in order to take the pulse of this unusual activity. Find here the testimonies of participants and Mathieu.

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