Emmanuel Madan (Montréal)

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From September 1 to October 2
Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 9pm / Saturday 1pm to 8pm
Passport : $ 5

Catalogue and program
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Freedom Highway(2004)

Performance broadcasted live on CIBL 101,5 FM. Created by Emmanuel Madan with support from the Canada Council
for the Arts. Special thanks to Anna Friz.



Emmanuel Madan is a musician, composer and sound artist. He studied
piano and clarinet for 15 years before adopting the electronic sound studio
as instruments for performance. In 1998, Madan co-founds [The User], a collaboration
with architect Thomas McIntosh which produces two major projects: Symphony for
Dot Matrix Printers and Silophone (SAT Residencies). Emmanuel Madan is a also
a member of Plumbing for beginners whose recent work, Ondulation, is a synaesthetic
composition for water, sound and light. Madan’s solo works include Final
Vinyl, a performance for turntables and live signal processing. Madan’s
involvement as an activist in the area of refugee rights strongly informs his
work on the FREEDOM HIGHWAY project.



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