Fall 2009 Courses at the SAT

The Society for Arts and Technology is
announcing the debut of its new season of electronic arts training!

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The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is
announcing the debut of its new season of electronic arts training. The registration period is
currently in session and we’re inviting all interested individuals, students, artists, and
professionals to join us.

Numerous courses, practical seminars and specialized conferences
are available to those who wish to improve their skills and understanding of new and
traditional digital tools. Courses will be conducted by industry professionals, university
professors and other renown specialists including Joseph Lefèvre (VJ: video mixing and
performance), Mouna Andraos (Art and microcontrollers), and Jean-Sebastien Guillemette
(Blender: modelling and 3D animation), to name a few. This year, we have also added
innovative courses in robotics and bio-art to our curriculum.

Our courses are distinguished by their personalized, hands-on approach and their focus on
cutting-edge software and technologies. Collaboration and experimentation are strongly
encouraged and our unique selection of courses has been designed to push creators of all
genres towards new horizons. The SAT is proud to continue contributing to the initiation,
training, and mastery of those inspired by the technological arts.

In collaboration with the RAAV, visual and media artists are eligible to receive funding for up to 75% of our program costs.

Formations en arts technologiques à la SAT from Society for Arts and Technology on Vimeo.

Courses 2009-2010

Immersive environments : Real-time audio and video creation, multi-projections, interactivity between systems and
much more. A course for the modern artist wishing to create a live, digitized, and infinite

DJing and music production : A series of courses dedicated to music lovers, amateur producers and rock stars wishing to
experiment with new music-making tools. Perfect for artists wanting to get connected with this constantly evolving field.

VJing and 3D graphics : By employing 3D video creation and real-time image manipulation tools, video artists won’t
miss any opportunities to express and share their imaginative visions.

Conferences and specialized workshops : Learn from masters in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, interactive public display,
bio-art, and multimedia scenography.

Day camps : Youths can also partake in our DJ and VJ activities by attending our SAT day camps. Specially
designed for participants aged 13-17, these camps encourage young artists to discover their artistic identities and to have fun using a variety of digital tools.

For more details, visit the SAT [TransForm] web page at : sat.qc.ca/transform

To contact us : [email protected] / 514-844-2033 #219

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