GECCO-2009, Evolutionary Art competition

GECCO are pleased to announce the official start of the GECCO-2009 Evolutionary Art competition.

GECCO-2009, Evolutionary Art competition

This competition aims at showing how genetic and evolutionary computation can be applied to create great artworks. The competition will award the best piece of evolved artwork (being a painting, a music score, a video, etc.) and the best system that exhibits some form of independent creativity.

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Rules and Regulations

Entrants must submit :

  1. A brief artist statement illustrating the concept of their project

  2. A two page paper describing the technical details of the prject

  3. A set of multimedia files to illustrate the result of the evolutionary process. Artists can either submit five still images, or a video up to 5 minutes, or a sound file, up to 5 minutes.

All the submissions should be sent to : [email protected] by June 26th.

The submissions will be evaluated by a panel of researchers from the evolutionary computation community and experts from art galleries who will score the submissions on several criteria including, the ability to demonstrate on-going novelty within some fixed criteria and medium (e.g., line drawing, image creation), technical and creative innovation, etc. The panel will select five finalists whose work will be shown during the conference. The attendees will vote to select the winner.

Submission deadline : June 28th 2009

Conference: July 8th-12th 2009

For more informations : http://www.sigevo.org/gecco-2009/competitions.html#ea


Luc Courchesne, Université de Montréal
Christian Gagne, Université Laval
Pier Luca Lanzi, Politecnico di Milano
Jon McCormack, Monash University

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