Itinéraire bis at SAT

The SAT is proud to collaborate to the Itinéraire bis project by featuring in its window the
work “Como sale el sol” by artist Gennaro De Pasquale, from June 23 to June 25.

“Como sale el sol” (literally “how the sun rises”)
is a video captation made by Gennaro De Pasquale during a trip to South America.
We witness a city emerged at dawn, thougu a light that slowly unveils its forms.
Without artifice, this video presents a natural phenomenon in an urban environment
which appears as a mass coming out from the shadow, a phenomenon repeated everyday
without ever losing its fascination. We can imagine a whirlwind fueling this
megalopole, the sound, the chaos.
In the current presentation, the original sound of the city where it was first
recorded is being replaced by the sound of the actual city where the video is
being projected, as an illusion of the equivalence of territories, a superimposition
that almost seems natural.

Lenght: 58 minutes

Gennaro De Pasquale was born in Bisceglia in Itlay. He now lives and works in
Montral. In 1993, he obtained a Fine Arts degree in France. He has since participated
in numerous individual and collective exhibitions, among which Post-Audio Esthetic,
at the Clark Gallery in 2000, which he ititiated. He produced several exhibitions
in Europe, in Canada and in Asia. He was part of the exchange between the Clark
Center and the Glassbox Gallery wich resulted in the “Citizen” exhibition
in Paris, in 2002. In 2004, he collaborated to the “Ils causent des systèmes”
exhibition at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. Afterwards,
he inaugurated his web art project entitled “Post-Audio NetLab. For many
years, a portion of the work done by De Pasquale has been focusing on the representation
of sound throughout diverse objects.Gennaro De Pasquale’s artistic exploration
is inspired by the impact of technological progress on our perception of time
and on spaces of transmission and socialization.

ITINÉRAIRE BIS, free event, Thursday 23, Friday 24 and
Saturday 25, June 2005.

Nocturnal video projections will be presented in the windows
of CDEx (corner Saint-Denis and Saint-Catherine), Zone Libre bookstore (262,
Sainte-Catherine East), Hexagram (corner Sainte-Catherine and Hôtel-de-ville,
SAT (1195, Saint-Laurent), Divan Orange (4234, Saint-Laurent), Pharmacie Esperanza
(5490, Saint-Laurent) and Clark Centre (5455, de Gaspé). Artists beewoo,
Clara Bonnes, Olivia Boudreau, Belinda Campbell, Gennaro De Pasquale, Manon
De Pauw, Jean Dubois, Sébastien Lapointe, Chloé Lefebvre and IAAAI
participate in this event.

Itinéraire Bis is a journey of silent videos in windows
through Montreal, during three consecutive nights : Thursday 23, Friday 24 and
Saturday 25, June 2005, from 8:30 P.M. to 6 A.M. As much for onlookers as for
art lovers, this is an invitation to skim through the city, searching for windows
part of the journey in question. For Montrealers, the journey becomes a reason
for an unusual nocturnal wandering through their city. The artists involved
were invited to show a video linked with the project : in situ, in relation
with the window, the street or the site. The insertion of video in the windows
directly on the street questions the traditionnal showing venues for video work.
The proposed interventions also link art display to the idea of an urban journey.
The creation of this invisible network invites the public to travel throught
the city, observing its surroundings while giving a new look to the urban environment
in which it evolves daily. The idea of Itinéraire Bis – a physical
detour from everyday life – is also an invitation to give a curious look
to contemporary art. The projected videos, such as unusual breaches in the urban
weft, build a journey, linking different sites, some of which are associated
to contemporary art.

The project is
made possible by the logistical support from CIAM, Vidéographe, SAT,
Bily Kun / O Patro Vys, Clark Centre as well as all the venues presenting the
videos and the artists.

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