Jim Campbell (San Francisco)

SAT ARt&D : Jim Campbell

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From September 1 to October 2
Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 9pm / Saturday 1pm to 8pm
Passport : $ 5

Catalogue and program
(PDF format)

Memory / Recollection (1990)

Interactive installation for two black & white video
cameras, five CRTs, one 286 computer and custom electronics. SAT Collection.
Created by Jim Campbell.



Jim Campbell was born in Chicago in 1956 and received his BA in Electrical
Engineering and Mathematics from MIT in 1978. His works in electronic installation
began around 1985, and by 1988 he had established his works among the classics
of this emerging field with Interactive Hallucination. He has since produced
over 30 installations, many of which are part of important public and private
collections. He is associated with the Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco.



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