Kora Van den Bulcke & Thomas Soetens (Gand, Montréal)

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From September 1 to October 2
Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 9pm / Saturday 1pm to 8pm
Passport : $ 5

Catalogue and program
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Virtual World of Art (2003)

Networked installation for four computers with monitors. Collection of the artist.
Created by: Kora Van den Bulcke
& Thomas Soetens, with support from The Flemish Community
and VAF (Flemish Audiovisual Fund – Belgium). SAT Residency.



Workspace Unlimited, founded by the architect Kora Van den Bulcke and
by the artist Thomas Soetens, is a mobile laboratory and creation space focused
on artistic and architectural experimentation. Situated at the point of convergence
where art, architecture and digital media meet to create new zones of hybrid
and augmented reality. Virtual World of Art has been presented for the first time at the SAT in 2003 and at international events such as the Film Festival in Rotterdam and the Digifest in Toronto. Recently, Workspace Unlimited has been invited by V2 institute to create the commissioned work for the DEAF04 Festival. The collective focuses exclusively on the creation and
dissemination of emergent forms of artistic expression, which make use of the
inherent potential of new technological media. The Workspace Unlimited collective
is made up of a mobile core team of artists and researchers who work with local
cultural organizations, weaving together temporary networks of artists, architects,
designers and technical specialists in order to address site-specific thematics.



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