MARCH 2004 - Keiko Courdy

KI – Keiko Courdy
March 8-13, Monday to Friday 05PM-10PM, Sat. 01PM-06PM
Opening, Monday from 05PM
Keïko will make a live presentation of AYA project on that day, 06PM
Free admission

Interactive and immersive installation conceived by Keïko Courdy and presented by KI « agency ». This is the first out of 5 interactive modules to be built around the science fiction story of Tao, an experimental child born in zero gravity.
These 5 modules are reconstitutions of his perceptions of the 5 elements (air, water, earth, fire, ether) and their correspondences with the 5 senses (smell, hear, taste, look, touch). The idea is to imagine how one could feel the earth from space. Could one teleport himself mentally by the power of thought and imagination?

The module 2 is made on the theme of AIR and SMELL.

A white sphere in which the audience enters like in a small shelter. Inside, a round inflatable cushion where 10 people can lye down, heads to the center. The sound is coming behind the ears. An odour can be smelt in the module. On the side, an interactive light zone reminds of Star Trek teleportation zones. A real time 3D DVD will also introduce the entire concept of AYA project.

Concept and direction : Keïko Courdy
with the help of : Frédérique-Charlotte Cousin, Benoit Richard
Sound design : FLOW MOTION
Music : Hallucinator (Published by BMG)
Production : KI, SAT
With the support of : Consulat général de France au Québec, KUSUHARA-SAITO Tomoko, OFQJ, SPAG
Special thanks to Pierre Jutras and Luc Courchesne

The 3Dreal time DVD was made in Paris by Corentin Seguin de Broin, Arnaud Muthelet, Sophie Gateau, Dao Truong Trong, Jôji Hayashi, with the participation of Seigen Ono, Emmanuel Assaban, Aya Sunada, VJ Aï-Hz, under the direction of Keïko Courdy. With the support of SIMTEAM and Spice-Inc. Thanks to Pascal Chevalier, Marie Gayet, Benoit Gayet, Ayumi Shimoda, Patricia Boulogne, Corinne Tartary, Louis-Alexandre Courdy.


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