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Mission Statement and History

14 Sep 2006
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Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a transdisciplinary centre dedicated to research, creation, production, presentation, education and conservation in the field of digital culture. It brings together creators who work with digital technologies, fostering collaboration among diverse artistic and scientific disciplines, establishing partnerships with industry and educational institutions and promoting its members at home and abroad. The SAT’s activities facilitate access to human and technical resources and encourage reflection on issues related to the use of technology. With a unique mandate in Canada, the SAT connects its membership to an international network of centres and organisations with similar or complementary objectives.

Now settled in its new space of 36,000 square feet since June 2003, in the heart of Montreal’s cultural corridor, the SAT has generated over two hundred and fifty events since October 2000 and produced nearly twenty creations through its artists in residence program. Since its inception, SAT-sponsored productions have been presented in more than twenty countries and fifty cities.

The SAT includes several distinct elements that serve its programs for research and creation, dissemination, presentation, education and conservation in the field of digital culture.

The SAT currently has more than 600 active members (artists and researchers) and a subscriber base of 6 500 for its mailing list. The events organized or co-produced by the SAT have attracted more than 200,000 people since October 2000.